So Long, Halloween! Hello, Christmas!

I am such a Halloween grinch. Every year, I dread having to listen to Firstborn ask (in five-minute increments, starting at 7AM), "How many more minutes until we can go trick-or-treating?" But this year, I looked forward to getting it over with even more than usual. And the reason is this: in my book, November first is the official kickoff to Christmas!

Last Christmas, for all my insisting it was going to be just fine, really kind of blew. The Captain was in a war zone and I had to put on a show for the kids when I'd rather have just stayed in bed. So, for about a month now, I've been feeling a most ridiculous urge to completely overcompensate this year.

That's not to say I'm going to run up the credit cards and land myself in the poorhouse. I can exercise some restraint, you know. I just want to make sure that this year, I really maximize the joy. And also the baking.

I've already pickled the onions, and there's still some mincemeat from last year in the deep freeze. I plan this year to finally convince my kids that fruitcake is delicious, and I will make Nigella Lawson my personal guru. Christmas is for indulging. I can restrain myself in January.

Here's one last look at our Halloween:

Now, bring on the mince pies!


Linda said…
You're starting a leetle bit earlier than I will, but I agree, Christmas beats Halloween. (Don't tell my husband I said that)
Kelly L said…
I too love Christmas and I do find it hard to restrain myself at times..

Love to you
I've Become My Mother
In Real Life said…
Oh my gosh, your little Batman and Robin are so cute!
Your Christmas is going to be awesome!
What cute little goblins! I'm with you sista on the Christmas thing...Love, Love, Love it! I love candymaking and cookie baking and wrapping presents, decorating everything in site and spending time with family! As I have gotten older we don't decorate so much cause what you put up in Nov. has to come down in Jan. when the wind is howling and snow blowing. So I try and restrain myself!
Love the costumes.

I'm with you - and so are many people. About ten houses in our neighbourhood spent yesterday taking down the Halloween decs, and putting up their Xmas lights.

The plotting and planning is most of the fun - enjoy!
laterg8r said…
xmas is my FAVE holiday too :D

the girls are already singing jingle bells LOL :D

love their cute costumes :D
Nezzy said…
Awwwww, how sweet that Batman and Robin are. What a way to welcome Christmas!!!

I can sure feel your excitement and enthusiasm to celebrate with your complete family this year. I know last year had to be a hard one.

God bless ya and have the most awesome day sweetie!!!
Anonymous said…
Mincemeat? Sorry *barf*. You know I say that with love. :) They kids are cuties in their costumes.

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