Saturday, March 21, 2015

Extra! Extra!

As I'm about 50 posts behind, having not blogged since last JULY (Yeesh!), I imagine there's no one left out there who is still checking in to read this. But I am a former student of journalism, so when I find myself privy to a scoop, my journalistic instinct kicks in and I simply must put it out there. So, if anyone stumbles across this post, just remember, you read it here first!

Today, my little sister Mel was the only Canadian to run the Chicago Lakefront Ultra Marathon. For those not familiar, that is FIFTY FREAKING KILOMETERS! I complain if I have to drive that far! So, while she has shamelessly shirked the proud family tradition of sitting in front of the TV eating chips and complaining about being fat, she's made up for it in other ways.

But that's not all. She finished this feat of madness in the ridiculous time of 4:19, and was the 4th female finisher, missing third place by less than 20 seconds! And she placed 13th overall! That's not just an exciting Facebook brag for her friends and family. In my (completely unbiased) opinion, here in Canada, that is NEWS!

Here's a picture of Mel at the starting line. I dread to think what she must have looked like at the finish...

I've harassed her local paper to ensure she gets some real media recognition for this, as she's humble enough to just quietly go back home and carry on as normal. Because this event does not get the same media attention as something like Boston, this could easily get brushed under the carpet. Frankly, it is my journalistic duty to see that that does not happen.

And now that I've beaten the competition and gotten this hot story out there (I can't confirm anything officially, but it is rumored that I was the inspiration for Kate Mara's character on House of Cards), I'm hoping tonight she will take a break from her grueling training schedule to eat a large bag of Doritos in front of the TV.

You know, for old times' sake.