Friday, March 7, 2014

Buried in Snow

I know my last post was about my New Year's resolutions (they're coming along swimmingly, by the way). So it's probably widely assumed by now that I fell in a snow drift in mid-January and died, but I am actually alive and well. And sick to the back teeth of winter.

Today I have two sick little boys home from school, and my driveway is covered with a fresh dumping of the white stuff. We're promised warmer temperatures and the beginnings of a spring thaw next week. I'm so terrified of getting my hopes up, I'll believe it when I see it.

This winter I learned that late January is far too early for a warm-weather vacation (too much winter to still live through when I get home) and one week is nowhere near long enough. But as we are not yet millionaires, it's too late to rectify the situation now. Here are some shots of our trip to Florida:

Saying hello to the giraffes at the Brevard Zoo.

We're not big Disney fans so we opted for the lower-key LEGOLAND experience instead. The kids had a great day, and Firstborn was one of the snappiest dressers there. Obviously.

 No matter how hard we tried, getting a shot where everyone had their eyes open was a bit of a challenge.
And here we are at the Kennedy Space Center. RB went through about four Chewy Tubes on this trip.

We actually did a whole lot of other things that I failed to photograph (it might be time to ditch the enormous SLR and invest in a phone that takes pictures!). My brother lives in the Orlando area, and we had a mini-reunion with a few family members who were able to come down at the same time. All in all, it was a fantastic break from this most miserable of winters. Just way too short.

Keep warm this weekend, everyone. It has to end soon!