Thursday, May 1, 2014

Alrighty Then...

As some of you know, we've been preparing for a big move some 2200 kms away from here.

A move of that nature with kids, dogs, a cat and a whole lot of stuff is not something you can get done in a weekend, so I've been working like a busy little beaver trying to get the house ready to be appraised and sold, as well as looking at places in our new town, trying to plan a house-hunting trip and keeping in contact with the new school board to ensure my special needs child doesn't get lost in the shuffle. RB has been wildly unsettled by this whole experience, so there's been a lot to deal with at this end too. This week alone, I made 7 trips to the dump and took one full carload to Value Village. I discovered that the best way to clean baseboards and white moldings is with a Magic Eraser (I can be environmentally conscious once I'm settled in my new home!), and that there really is no particularly effective way to get the smell of old cat pee out of things like carpet or unfinished wood (groan!). In short, I have kept myself very, very busy these past few weeks. I haven't eaten or slept enough, and frankly I miss TV and wine!

So you can imagine my surprise when, after losing hours and hours and hours of my life trying to make this crazy house a place someone might want to buy, the Captain called me from his course in New Brunswick and broke some rather disconcerting news. His posting has been cancelled! He is apparently needed for the same general position he was taking in Petawawa right here at home.

I'm not entirely sure why it took our military this long to figure that out, but it sounds like this year, there are a whole lot of other families going through the same thing. So apparently messing us around like this wasn't personal. But frankly, I'd still like to kick someone's ass.

So my spring cleaning is done, and I'm settling in for another two or three Manitoba winters at least. Ontario friends, we will get there eventually! In the meantime, I'm putting on my sweats and catching up on some TV. With a large glass of wine.