Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

It's Black Friday! Make out those Christmas lists because everything you want is on sale! Rock-bottom prices! Save, save, save!

Here's my list:

The Roomba for Pet Hair: I hate, hate, hate doing floors. Oh, who am I kidding?! I hate, hate, hate doing housework! The Roomba would be a great start to a housework-free life. They even have one that washes the floors after the regular one does the vacuuming. Will they have one that does toilets and windows by Black Friday 2011? I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

Croc-Embossed Purse: I've been seriously behaving myself this year where purses are concerned. So naturally, I think at this time of year I'm entitled to a nice one! I can't find a shot of it in purple (the colour I want, and the only colour left), but you guys are an imaginative bunch. I'm sure you can picture me walking down the streets of downtown Booming Metropolis, new hairdo blowing in the wind, gorgeous purple leather purse swinging from my arm. Now picture me someplace else. Quick. I'm about to get mugged.

Colourful Winter Wear: 2011 will be the year I embrace colour. I've spent much of my adult life going with nice, safe greys, blacks and browns in my wardrobe. It's time I learned to wear colour! And what better way to start a new year than with a bright, happy winter jacket or coat? Does it matter that I already have about 6 winter coats, and that I hardly wear anything but my big shapeless parka out here on the farm? Well...a girl can dream.

And really that's about it for me. After last year, I'm so happy to have the Captain home for Christmas, Rosemary's Baby using the toilet (and not just for the fun of flushing my most expensive perfume, either), Firstborn happy and well-adjusted, and animals running all over the house, presents are really just the icing on the cake.

Cake isn't quite the same without icing though, is it?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Rare One wanted to buy a Roomba but I resisted for a couple of years. I thought they were silly and a waste of money. Then we got one. I LOVE IT!! Now if I could only teach the cat to ride around on it!

In Real Life said...

What a great list!
You totally had me giggling at the, "quick picture me somewhere else, I'm about to get mugged!"

Janine said...

Everything sounds just perfect!!
Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Stephanie Faris said...

Those roomba things are expensive, aren't they? I've been doing the sale thing on Amazon...the one where the special changes after so many minutes. I think it's going to be going on all week.

Dimple said...

Good list, one for the home and two for the soul! That jacket is beautiful in red, just the color would keep you warm!