Holiday Cheer

My early festivities are coming along swimmingly! I tried a new fruitcake recipe and ended up with the most delicious, moist fruitcake I've ever tasted. Expect to see much more of me by January! Sirius has begun the 24/7 traditional holiday music. And on Monday night, I went into town for a Christmas cardmaking class and had a great time. Here's a sample (this is just a small tag we made, but I love it!):

It may still only be November, but I am right into the swing of things! Happy Holidays!


Beautiful tag! I love fruitcake too. You can take that both ways, actually!
In Real Life said…
I love that card! Cool! My daughter's birthday is at the beginning of December, so I try not to get too Christmassy before her birthday.
Laural Out Loud said…
I LOVE that card! I would buy that, hands down, for my Christmas cards if it was available. Because I am not crafty enough to make them myself. I also found that it's not fruitcake I hate, it's dry fruitcake, so moist is the way to go.
Linda said…
With that beautiful card, who needs a present attached?
This would make a wonderful gift on it's own! You did a really nice job on this! I love to see when you do a project!
Janine said…
YAY!! You are right on track!!!
Love what you made here!

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