Saturday, November 13, 2010

Makeover Saturday

In case my profile picture hasn't tipped you off, I have issues.

One of them is that I am allergic to making appointments. And I mean seriously allergic. I have no idea what my parents did to me as a child, but I avoid having to commit to being anywhere at a specific time with such an inexplicable work ethic, I can only assume it is all their fault.

I force myself to see my family doctor and the dentist once a year, and am glad my insurance only covers an eye exam every second year, but other than that, I run from appointment-making like my life depends on it. As a result, no professional hairstylist has touched my hair in nearly six years. Yes, I said SIX years.

Back in June, the Captain (probably very tired of waking up next to a cat lady) wrote me up two homemade coupons. One gave me permission to get myself a pair of fashionable prescription sunglasses. The other ordered me to get my butt to a salon for a cut, colour, and whatever else would make me look less homeless.

The glasses were easy and I had that done by mid-August. The hair thing I put off and made excuses about for the next five months. This week, I made a couple of feeble attempts at booking myself an appointment at one of the two salons in our tiny town, and also with someone nearby who works out of her own home. But as soon as I hit a wall (one salon was fully booked, one didn't answer and one didn't call me back), I was ready to give up and wait another five months before trying again. Seriously, it was exhausting.

But this morning I had to take Firstborn to the big city for a haircut at one of those walk-in chains, so I decided to take a chance. Call me a cheapskate, but I'm perfectly happy with a $20 haircut if I don't walk out looking worse than I did before. Plus, young stylists just out of hair school need to start somewhere, and I'm happy to help them out. But if I'm honest, it's really all about not having to book an appointment.

My stylist had purple hair, an armload of tattoos and an opinion on just about everything. But man, she did a nice job! And she's the first stylist I've ever met who suggested I make use of my natural curl instead of trying to brush/flat-iron/spray it flat! My new do is cute AND easy! And I had enough cash left over to buy a whole bag of professional quality products designed to keep my hair from going all cat-lady dry and crazy again! That last part made the Captain roll his eyes so far back into his head, I wasn't sure his pupils were going to reappear. But I don't care. I'm happy with my hair, for the first time in YEARS!

And now, you be the judge. Here's my before and after:

Before: Note the creative use of facial expression to make myself look extra terrible. I learned that from reading fashion magazines.

After: It's a whole new me!

I realize that this situation has not been a self-help experience. I'm now more convinced than ever that I don't need to make appointments. But you know what they say in all those 12-step programs--one day at a time. I'll just make an appointment some other day.


In Real Life said...

Your new hair-cut is awesome! You look fabulous!
I spit my tea, when I read: "Note the creative use of facial expression to make myself look extra terrible. I learned that from reading fashion magazines." - too funny!

I have the same appointment booking phobia, but I think mine has more to do with talking to someone on the phone; something happens to my voice, it gets all high-pitched and squeaky, and then I blurt out my spiel so fast that no one can understand what I am saying, and I have to repeat myself - it's horrible.

Laural Out Loud said...

Even though I LOVE to make appointments (I just don't like to go to them), I thought your post was terribly funny. Your new 'do looks great.

Linda said...

I like the haircut! Very nice and I do like waves. And those glasses just subtract any years that you may have imagined in the first photo! lol- Not to mention the smile. :)

Good job.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Youthful and kicky! Cat lady begone!


You need to hang onto that stylist! What an awesome job she did! The haircut just really suits the shape of your face! Lovely!

Melanie Jane said...

wonderful! I love the wave, I too am a curly haired chic and must say the invention of all things curly hair makes me love all that I can do with it now -- if only they had that stuff when I was younger I wouln't have looked like someone put my finger in a socket!
You look great!

Suburban Princess said...

Yeah but now that you have found a stylist you will need to make appts to get in to see them!

I am the same way about appts...I like to be able to walk in when it is convenient for me, like when I am driving by sans husband and/or son and can take some time for myself.

I should make a list of everything I need to do and just get on with trying to get in!

I find making appts for first thing in the morning helps - that way I'm not spending the whole day working around an 8 minute appt in the middle of the day.

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Well done you - and does hubby like the non-cat-lady look? He should, it's cute!

I like appointments, it makes me feel busy and important as I glance across my empty social calendar!!

Janine said...

Its not the appointments, its not making them...just enjoy all that pampering. Hair salons, pedicures, manicures, massages...AHHH This is the life!!!

Janine said...

By the way!! Your new you is TOO FABULOUS!!!

MOMSWEB said...

Wow! You look great! I love the haircut, yet it's amazing what a smile will do for a face!

You know what? I shy away from commitments also! What is this about? I think you have it a lot worse than I do because I will make appointments, but I always shiver and wonder why after I do it. We don't know if we'll be alive the next minute, so why am I making an appointment for next week? Oh well, I guess we have to live with the rest of the world. We seem like the odd balls. LOL!

laterg8r said...

fantastic new do! :D

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm not the best at making appointments either. It's a phone thing, actually. I just hate making phone calls. If I can make appointments online, I'm all over it!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

OMG I am AWFUL at commitments too! Seriously just bad. I love your new haircut but I really love the before look on your face, lol!