Mondays Should've Been Outlawed By Now

It turns out that a good number of you were baffled by my reference to cheesy hair bands Sheriff and Warrant in my last post. This is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, it's a testament to your good taste. But for those of you who are curious, here are a couple of photos for future reference. Because you just know someday I'm going to mention them again, and you don't want to be caught not getting the joke twice.

Sadly, this was the best shot I could find of the one-hit wonder Sheriff. Why do you suppose whoever edited this photo fuzzed them all out from the waist down? Definitely not Canada's finest hour. Nor mine, since I'm pretty sure I had this album on cassette.

And here we have Warrant. Need I say more?

Moving on...

What a cruddy day! We got called back in for a follow-up to Rosemary's Baby's celiac testing, so I canceled his therapy for the day and planned to run some errands while in the big city. After spending two hours at the hospital to be told that the tests were negative (which we already knew) and being asked why we were there (uh...because you asked us to come?), I wrestled with Rosemary's Baby in the bathroom trying to get him to pee on an unfamiliar commode, then promised him fast food as a reward when he finally gave up and got the job done. Then I promptly had to go back on my promise when I got a call from the school saying Firstborn had a sore throat and could I please come get him? Being a full hour away, I should've called my neighbour, but she just returned home from a day of travelling late last night, and I didn't have the heart to wake her up to deal with a sick kid. So I raced back immediately to get him myself. You should've seen Rosemary's Baby's reaction when I drove right past McD's without stopping. It made the public restroom wrestling match look like a trip to Disneyland.

But someone else here had an even worse day than I had. Cue the music.

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...

Poor Anakin turned 6 months old last week, and this means he was due for a little operation this morning. Let's just say, he's not half the man he used to be...

So I guess I'll quit complaining about not getting my errands run and give the cat some love. At this point, he'll have to take it where he can get it.


In Real Life said…
Oh my gosh - gotta love the big hair!
It sounds like quite a rough morning!
Poor little Anakin!
Poor Anakin! He's got that lost, hopeless, hurtin' look of the deballed. Cheer up, little guy -- things will get better!
Nothing like being pulled in three directions at once! One of my friends many years ago had a little boy who wouldn't potty train...she would take him outside and let him pee on trees. Well he thought that was the best thing since sliced bread, and promptly began tell everyone when he had to go. Too bad....when he started school, he was still doing that and how hard was that to break. Wahaha!! Don't forget to do something special for him, since he did miss Micky D's!
Janine said…
Sounds like you had a most lovely day! LOL!! I remember when we did that to our kids once. Just drove right by McD's! You think someone was sawing off an arm!!
We are paralyzed here in London Ontario with more snow on the way!!
My shovel is my new best friend!!
Stephanie Faris said…
The hair bands. How did we ever think that was appealing? For the record, I never found those guys attractive. It just seemed unnatural for a man to be prettier than most women I knew!

Sorry for what you kitty had to go through. I remember when my dog had that surgery. She slept for the rest of the day. We could barely get her to move!
Linda said…
Anakin does look pretty dazed. I hope Firstborn is feeling better and that RB forgives you for the McD loss.
Thanks so much for your comment and concern about the leather pants ;)
First, your baby will be so much happier w/o his "junk", plus he'll get all fat and funny :)
My male was considered 'obese' by my vet, RIP, ( he died 21/2 yrs ago from of all things, Diabetes....)
I figured out how to hem them, to use the sticky hem mender, and sew them gently onto the lining for x-tra support. The problem is now, the waist snap is broken and they aren't stretching any further to accomodate my belly. So I think I needed a larger size. they pinch.
So, unfortunately, I may have to return them ( we have 10 days at our goodwill).
I am so sad about them, but I suppose someone else should enjoy them.
Thanks again !!!!
Hey there! I was still editing today's post with the canvas giveaway and wanted to tell you if you enter code: helloholidays at checkout you can get 20% off your order! I have revised my post to reflect this =)

Janine said…
Hi Wendy!! London got over 110 cm and Lucan, just outside London got 144 cm.
Records set for sure.
Today much better but snow squall warning still in effect and expecting another 20 or so cm tonight. Hopefully it misses us...
Tell your Dad to drive safe!!
Laural Out Loud said…
You know, sometimes plans change, and kids don't get have their promised McDonald's treat, and you have to fork over $40 on a barbie to make up for it. C'est la vie, no? Though in your case it's probably more like a remote control monster truck.

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