Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To Keep That Poppy On

For years I have worn a poppy in early November to observe Remembrance Day. And for years, I have looked down several times each November to find that the poppy has fallen off my coat. From what I can gather, a lot of people have this problem.

A year or two ago, someone taught me an easy trick to eliminate the need to keep running back off to the store to buy another one, so if you already know this trick, forgive me for stating the obvious. But just in case a few of you out there don't know it, I'm going to share it with you.

When you pin your poppy on this year (on your left side--just a reminder), pull the pin back a little once it's attached to your coat and stick it through the side or bottom edge of the red part from the underside. Does my explanation make sense? If not, look at the picture. It's pretty self-explanatory.

You'll notice I have my poppy pinned to my leather jacket. On Friday, when I attend my local Remembrance Day service, I'll pin it to the lapel of my dressier wool coat. But it doesn't matter what kind of coat you wear. Leather, denim, fleece, wool, leopard-print, psychedelic tie-dye--the poppy goes with everything. And now, instead of worrying that it's fallen off, you can think about why it's there:

You wear a poppy because every decision you make--from the opinions you express, to the TV shows you watch, to the books you read, to the grilled cheese sandwich you'll have for lunch today--is yours, courtesy of all the men and women who have stood in harm's way to secure it for you.

Now go put one on.


Granny Bob said...

I have been using that method for a long time, mind you I feel that I might be doing the poppy people out of some business since doing this way as I don't buy as many poppies. I feel like you we wear a poppy as a thank you for the right to have the choice and our many other choices that we can make in our lives.Thank You To Our Veterans and Those Who Did Not Come Back! LEST WE FORGET

Suburban Princess said...

How did you know about the grilled cheese sandwich?

I keep poppies pinned to the visor in my car - inevitably the last one I got is not on the coat I am wearing right now. This way I can get in the car, get to wherever and pop it on before I get out of the car. Never had trouble with losing them tho.

Kelly L said...

Very good tip, thanks!
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Anonymous said...

I love this post...I had no idea why I kept seeing people wearing poppies lately. Apparently I'm totally ignorant.

I echo what Granny Bob said...Thank you to our Veterans!


Just going off to buy a poppy!

In Real Life said...

Thank you for this tip, my poppy lasted about 12 minutes before falling off this year. Now that I know how to keep it on, I can wear it proudly, without the constant worry of losing it! :)