Saturday, December 6, 2008

Part 3

Is anyone sick of me making lists yet? Because I've spent the last day or so wandering around the house taking pictures of a few of my favourite already-received gifts from Christmases past, and a few other occasions. And here they are:

Bags of all sorts, from homemade (note the red dog print lining on the black tote!) to functional to fun. Some people just know what I like.

Things that make me feel like I'm eating out, when I actually live 45 minutes from the nearest restaurant, are always a good bet. The napkin holder was made by Sister #3 in shop class when she was a wee thing, and graces my holiday table every year without fail, despite the fact that no one in this pig pen would ever actually think to use a napkin.

Books (or gift cards that allow us to buy books--thanks Brother #1!). Where would we be without them?

Some groovy shoe-gifts from the Captain.

Nothing says "I Love You" like a homemade gift from the heart!

I never leave the house without these.

And there are many more, of course. The camera I received on my last birthday couldn't be photographed without me having to include myself in the mirror-shot, and you should see what I look like right now. No. No you shouldn't.
I hereby promise to lay off the lists for at least a couple of days.

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SemperFi said...

The person who bought you the popcorn and hotdog containers is an absolute GENIUS! What a great idea for a gift. Ha ha ha ha :)