'Tis the Season...

...to have your credit card information stolen!

This morning, I got online to do a little banking only to discover that some jackass had stolen the Captain's information and used it to rack up almost $600 on our credit card!

And since we are not people who enjoy debt, we are also not people who have more than one credit card. So my poor husband is currently halfway across the world with a cancelled card! Thank goodness he knows how to cheap out everywhere he goes, or this could've been a complete disaster!

And just so no one worries that we're having heart attacks over this, it's been dealt with. The lady at the call centre says we'll have our money back in 6 weeks or so. It's annoying, but we're not destitute.

So, a friendly reminder to all my blog friends, when shopping online this holiday season, remember to use secure sites and never, ever give out your info to someone who calls you on the phone. Not that we have ever done that, or shopped anywhere other than Amazon. But let's not make things even easier for these dirtbags!


Dimple said…
Wow, what a shock. Glad it's taken care of.
A lot of people around here had their info stolen by shopping at the grocery stores. It was quite a problem for two or three weeks, but thankfully has been resolved.
Bummer! Glad it turned out okay (except for the being cancelled part).
Glenda Brooks said…
Like you said, tis the season! Take care my friend. Thinking of you!
Tricky Nag said…
What a hassle!! I'm glad it's at least easy to sort out.

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