Another Birthday!

Yes, it's taken another birthday for me to get around to blogging again. My only excuse is the usual one--life has been busy. With the Captain still overseas, and the fact that I completely lost my marbles after ten years off work and signed up to sub occasionally at the kids' school (which has been a lot of fun, I must admit), my blog--like my house--has found itself completely neglected. But some big changes are on the horizon, and I plan to blog about all of them, so bear with me here.

Yesterday was RB's 8th birthday. It seems like only yesterday I was walking around feeling like I had a bowling ball between my legs for two straight weeks wishing he'd just hurry up and make his appearance!

Here he is sometime around his first birthday, still rocking the George McFly hairdo we all thought was so funny. At one point it looked so much like a comb-over that the other mothers at our playgroup started calling him “The Donald”.

And here we are 7 years later. This was the first year RB blew out his candles without any prompting. As you can see, his older brother was feeling a little protective about letting him loose around open flame, but RB really didn't need any protecting. He knew exactly what he was doing--and exactly where those 3 sad little cupcakes were about to end up!

It was a low-key day, with just the three of us around to celebrate, but as always, we managed to have some fun. And in our house it is tradition the day after RB's birthday to start ringing in the silly season. 24 days 'til Christmas! Yikes!!

Big news coming soon, so stay tuned!


Happy Birthday, RB! Some day you'll have a combover again but until then -- nice head of hair!

Can't wait to hear your big news! Ooooo, the suspense, you tease!
Looks like fun to me! Hopefully those cupcakes made into his belly and not everywhere else!

Stay warm by friend.

Tricky Nag said…
He was way cuter with his hair than the Donald will ever be.
Glad you all had a great birthday day!!
Kelly Sheehy said…
Happy Birthday, RB! :)

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