Shoe Horn Christmas Ornament

Since my last post, it has come to my attention that getting a shoe horn in a Christmas cracker is not the bizarre isolated incident I thought it was. As it turns  out, half of North America seems to have gotten one. This tells us two things: 1. All the crackers made on this continent must come from the same factory; and 2. Some marketing genius actually got paid to come up with that lame, pathetic idea. As I said before, next year I'll be making my own.

But in the hope of keeping a million useless, outdated objects out of the landfill, I felt it was my duty to find a creative use for the lowly Christmas cracker shoe horn. So here it is:

My picture isn't the best quality, but I think you get the idea. I went down to my craft room and proceeded to find anything I could that looked remotely Christmassy while the glue gun heated up. In the end, I stuck on a little red ribbon and the last of my red fabric flowers (usually used in card-making) with a decorative (read: dollar store) brad stuck through the middle. A bow on top and a little more ribbon strung through for a hanger, and we have what I believe might be the world's first shoe horn Christmas ornament. Will I pull this out of the box next December and wonder what the hell I was thinking? Time will tell!

In other news, it's my favourite day of the year! Today I will put on something sparkly, come up with a few resolutions, and have one last shameless gorge-fest before embarking on a healthier 2012.

Whatever you're doing tonight, may your new year be full of possibility!


Granny Bob said…
You are amazing!I probably would have just thrown it into the junk basket. I f you go to make them next year give a call,can I come and play too? Happy New Year and 2012 is going to be a great year.
LOL MY husband got nailclippers! My dad got a bottle opener!
I got the giant plastic paper clip in my cracker! Have a wonderful new year's eve!
LaelShine said…
Smart woman! It's looks rather nice too!

What brand did you buy? We bought crappy wal-mart ones and got...crappy items. A plastic frog, a few tops, fake moustaches-which strangely my 13 yr daughter LOVES.

I like the idea of making your own. When you do it, will you share your ideas/instructions?

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