Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Brown Christmas

I'm generally not one to complain when we get no snow. I am the exact person places like Florida and Mexico were made for. If I never saw another snowflake, I'd be a happy woman.

But something about the sight of my front yard this morning just seems really wrong:

I've now spent more than a decade of my life altogether living in the prairies, and this is not at all what I'm used to looking out and seeing in mid-December. I'm not complaining per se. Goodness knows, I'll have my fair share of the white stuff come January. But still seeing grass this close to Christmas is highly unusual out here, and a look at the forecast tells me it's quite possible we will not be having a white Christmas. If this happens, I'm told it'll be the first Christmas without snow here in Manitoba in about 15 years. I choose to count myself lucky to see such a rare phenomenon. And also not to have to shovel a path to the front door.

Despite this weird meteorological occurrence, I am well and truly into the holiday spirit! After the jerks at Avon sent me a defective holiday collectible brooch, I was not about to wait around all month to get it fixed and have some holiday bling to walk around in, so I whipped these earrings together instead:

Then, on a crafty roll, I decided I needed a new wreath for the door:

I made this in 5 minutes using a wire coat hanger, an old tinsel garland and some ribbon I had lying around my craft room.

Then I got to work fixing the napkin holder Sister #3 made for me in 7th grade:

Over the last few years, RB has pulled off every ornament on this tree, leaving only globs of dried glue behind. Not exactly festive. So, I carefully sanded off the glue, touched up the green paint and added a pretty, RB-proof layer of glitter. Now, every time I put it down, I get a sprinkling of it all over the table. But, people, if you can't go all vampire-sparkly during the holidays, when can you walk around covered in glitter?

And finally, the latest holiday decoration from RB. He did this pine cone Christmas tree at nursery school. I think it's a brilliant idea and, with a couple of candles added for ambiance, a perfect centerpiece for our table:

Brown or not, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!


Mrs. Workingdan said...

i love the wreath!! no snow where i am either, im suprisingly in the christmas mood also. i hate snow but i do love a white christmas. after that it can go away!

Victoria said...

how so true about the going around covered with glittering powder! If not now - then when! I totally second it.

Your 5-minute wrap left me jealous. So beautiful and so simple that even a mother of almost 2-years old and completely spoiled brat (that's me) could do a similar one. I think I'll steal your idea :)

the RB's cone-tree is very charming too!

In Real Life said...

Wow! I love your earrings! Your wreath is beautiful, so creative! Your napkin holder turned out fabulous, and RB's pinecone craft is adorable!
It's kind of brownish here too. There is a thin crusted over layer of snow that has turned brownish, but nowhere near the usual amount of snow, there is even some grass sticking out. Temperatures have been balmy, between -5 and 5 degrees!

Granny Bob said...

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas! But you are right probably be brown, want to get together on Christmas day for a ball game? Loved the earings and the wreath, good of you to fix up your sister's gift up looks really great! Glad you have the Christmas spirit so many seem to not have, makes me sad.Christmas without sparkle dust just isn't right! take care!

Linda said...

It's still snowless down south here in Maine too. Well, we've had a foot dumped on us twice so far- but it melted away in mere days.

It does seem strange to still see the grass out there.

Workingdan said...

Snow is's the cold that sucks!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great crafts! Especially RB's pine cone!


Honey, I've been wearing glitter in my eyebrows for years now. People see me without it and they think I didn't put on makeup! Glad your Christmas is coming together! Just this morning I was thinking how warm we are here for December; even in the south, by this time of year, it is usually cold at least. Love all your projects and especially your door wreath. That is just wrong to be able to do that in 5 minutes...Go girl!

Janine said...

We got rain!!! LOVE your wreath Wendy!!

Telly C. said...

Very clever crafts! I might need to start making some jewelery of my own, your earrings are cute and inspiring. And your wreath is super creative! Who needs snow to stir up the Christmas spirit?

Dimple said...

There is no time for being glittery except now, I think! Nice wreath, too!

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Christmas crafts galore - well done everybody! And yes, brown landscape for you in winter is just plain odd - I'll send you a few flakes. Just a few mind you!!