Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today there is a lot of buzz here about a local online discussion forum. Someone from the Booming Metropolis area started a new thread asking people to post their wishes, and asking those who could grant them to do so. The result has been quite fascinating.

Admittedly, in order to find the gems, you do have to sift through 70 pages of people asking for a wealthy benefactor to pay off their astronomical credit card debt, presumably so they can go right back out there and rack up some more. And there was also the middle-aged man who admitted that his wish was to have a couple of hot 20 year-olds come sit in a hot tub with him (in his defense, he did also want someone to come fix his wife's car. Husband of the Year!). Some of the posts, though, really tugged at the heart strings.

I wanted to cry for the out-of-work mother who didn't have enough money to cover the costs of her child's expensive prescription medication, and hug the dozens of people who pledged amounts large and small to ensure that this child continued to receive it. Ditto for the woman wanting to get out of an abusive relationship for the sake of her kids, and for the sheer number of people unemployed and just wanting to work, and those who were desperate to lose weight or quit smoking before it killed them. Reading through this stuff made me realize just how good I have it.

When I got to the post from someone who had lost the support of her entire family because she'd come out of the closet and just wanted a safe, private place to to marry her partner, I very nearly emailed the Captain and informed him that when he got home this spring, he'd be standing at the end of our driveway in his army boots, bouncing homophobic party-crashers while I walked around our ramshackle backyard in heels and a headset, barking orders at the caterers. Luckily (for the Captain. I am devastated), a couple of other people with acreages far closer to the city, and likely in far more appropriate condition for this fairy-tale event, had the same idea. It's probably for the best. When I imagine my dream nuptials, they don't usually involve wedding pictures with my dog pooping in the background, being down-wind of the sewage ejector, a runaway cow crashing through the fence, or a filthy and excited Rosemary's Baby swinging from the trees.

The generosity of people is a heartening thing to see. I lost more than an hour of my life reading people's wishes and seeing others make them come true, but I can't say that hour was wasted.

Still keeping it simple over here. More to come!


Michelle said...

Great post! I was about to say, "you didn't lose the time", then I saw that you said it wasn't wasted. So incredible that there are people out there helping other people. Thanks for posting.

In Real Life said...

That is so neat and inspiring, what a great idea!

Linda said...

It is nice to read positive, generous things like some of those answers to wish list items you described.

Not a bad way to spend an hour.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Interesting concept!


Mostly we only hear about the bad stuff out there! There are still some wonderful giving people around, but sadly, we seldom hear about them. Our local news is beginning to do a spot each day on someone who is giving back. I find myself looking forward to this spot each day1

Jess said...

I think it's a truly beautiful thing when strangers willingly and excitedly help out others in need. Just when you think your own life is bad you will find inspiration and a feeling of gratitude in understanding the struggles others are going through in their own lives. I'd be crying like a baby if I read all those...seriously.

Janine said...

Hey there!! thanks for sharing!
Its always a good thing to help your fellow man!
Things are good here. A little warmer today.. Only -6 but getting colder again this weekend.
This past weekend it was -20 during the day!! Oh Lord I need spring here fast!!

Dimple said...

There is far too much coverage of the discouraging-thanks for pointing out something encouraging to balance my day!

Kristy Lautner said...

That is simply amazing, not only for those putting their wishes out there but for those who found it in their hearts to make it happen warms me up inside.

How do they do it is my question, how do they put themselves out there to ask for help they need and not feel like freeloaders and undeserving? I only ask because due to recent medical events in my life, there are plenty of things I need (treatment and no insurance for one). Nobody has ever even offered to help by starting a fundraiser or anything! Then again, I never asked either, I just keep making due with what I have left and hope for the best this coupled with a frugal dr. who loves me, i am more then grateful:)

Great piece!

Kelly L said...

Great post! At Christmas time - one of the radio stations grants Christmas wishes - makes me cry like a baby each time... love that stuff.

Thanks for this.. We are so blessed.

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