Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Mother of all Yard Sales

I did have a shot of the card I made my mom this year, but of course, it's on my broken computer, which I still haven't gotten back two weeks after telling them just to get it back to me and I'll fix it myself. I'd better call them about that on Monday.
This weekend, I hauled a couple of loads of baby stuff to my friend`s place on base and we had a yard sale. While I`m a seasoned buyer at these things, it was my first attempt at selling my own junk. My parents (who have enough stuff to host a garage sale EVERY WEEKEND) don`t like the idea of strangers rummaging through their junk, and that thought has kind of stuck with me through the years.
Admittedly, there were a few minor annoyances that alerted me to the fact that the human race does, indeed, have some serious problems. For those of you new to scouring yard sales, bartering over something that is marked at 25 cents is seriously not worth the 3 seconds you lose in the haggling. But all-in-all the whole thing was an exhausting, but liberating success. And now my potting shed and workshop are roomier than ever, and I have an extra $115 to spend any way I please!
Okay, technically, I only have about $80 because my friend had some great stuff for sale that I simply couldn`t let pass me by, but you know what I`m saying here.
When I got home, the Captain was waiting for me. He`s on an almost 2-week leave between stints in the field, and arrived home just after I left to make my fortune early yesterday morning. So, my Mother`s Day is complete. I have my little family together here and I have some cash to spend the next time I head over to Booming Metropolis. Life is good.
My Mother`s Day gift to myself was skipping taking a photo of my cash for blogging purposes. I`ll just let you picture it in your head.
Just remember, that $80 I have left is in Canadian dollars. So those of you south of the border will want to adjust accordingly.
Happy Mother`s Day!!

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