Spring Has Sprung!

Alright, well not exactly, but I can see part of my driveway! That's got to count for something, right?!

In honour of every living thing out here coming back from the dead (eventually), I've decided it's time for a couple of new purses!

As you may or may not know, I do not need even ONE more purse. Actually, I need to get rid of a few (dozen). But you may also know that I love to recycle old stuff, and these two projects have actually not cost me a darned thing and have provided me with a bit of fun in the process. So, I consider that to be the actual reward here. Having two new purses is just a happy by-product. Really...

These projects began with a couple of pairs of pants that, for one reason or another, were no longer wearable. The jeans were destroyed enough that they couldn't be donated, so my options were to recycle or trash.

Now, I know the youngsters on the interweb like to take the tops of their old jeans and make themselves a bag with pockets and such. But at my age, I'm looking for something slightly more sophisticated. Okay, fine. I'm looking for something that doesn't advertise the size of my butt while I'm walking around town or digging for my wallet. So I discarded the top end of my jeans and worked with the legs instead, and that gave me enough fabric for the purse and the lining. The inside isn't gorgeous, but as my mother (who is a sewing pro) always tells me, no one is looking at the inside. I made a nice easy velcro closure, but it needed something decorative, so I went into my enormous bucket of buttons (does anyone out there want some buttons?!) and found a nice big one to cover up some of my uneven stitching, and used a leftover bit of nylon belting I had in just the right colour for the strap. Then I hit my bead stash and made a little "dangly" to attach to it for interest. I'm not sure I love the little bow, but for a first attempt, I'm pleased enough. The bag is sturdy, which is necessary for me, what with all those extra matchbox cars that seem to make their way into my purse when I'm not looking.

And here is attempt number 2. This was a pair of capri pants that were way too small, but that couldn't be returned due to the fact that they were bought online in a clearance sale (insert slap to forehead here). I used the exact same principle that I did with the denim purse, but made it slightly smaller. These pants also had some strap-and-buckle accents which I sewed together to make the strap. Since all my fashion magazines promise me that plaid accessories are great right now, I figure I've made a silk purse (so to speak) out of a sow's ear.
And now I really must restrain myself on the purse front for a while. Luckily, I have some fun distractions. My mum just sent me several embossing folders and cutting dies for my Cuttlebug (thanks Mum!!), so I have some cardmaking to do. I've been spending (read: wasting) time at Burda getting inspired to sew all sorts of useful things for myself and others--truly, there are some amazing crafters out there! And I'm also enjoying locking myself in my new bathroom and pretending the screaming kids, ringing phone and mounting piles of laundry don't actually exist.
Happy Vernal Equinox! Bring on the spring flowers!!


Vivian said…
Very-Very cute. I love them. I am a nut over purses !!!!

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