Wild Turkeys Couldn't Drag Me Away...

Well, actually, these ones probably could. They turned up in my front yard last weekend, and they were as big as my dogs! Dumb as lampposts too. They let me walk right up and do a photo shoot!

I hope this is a sign that spring is actually coming soon because after rejoicing that the snow had finally all melted off my driveway yesterday, this morning I woke up to this nonsense:

And in other wildlife news, here's my latest shot of poor Anakin:

He started losing hair above his eyes in mid-August and was diagnosed with ringworm, but didn't respond to any treatment. Nearly eight months and $550 in vet bills later, we have finally gotten to the bottom of it. As it turns out, the mangy little barn cat that I took in almost four years ago is actually a Hollywood-style designer cat. He has a food allergy! Unfortunately, after all these months of scratching himself raw, he seems to have also developed a habit we can't break, so it's last-resort time, and the poor guy has to wear a cone of shame until his face, tail and front paws have healed up. He's taking things well, in that he hasn't yet peed anywhere he shouldn't.

Friends down south, I beg you, send us some of your sunshine and above-zero temperatures. Things here are getting desperate!


Kelly Sheehy said…
Poor Anakin! I hope that he is all better soon! Enough snow already, right?! Goodness, it's been a long winter this year! We are supposed to be above zero today here in the Maritimes, and I am so excited about that! Hope you snow melts soon! :)
Janine said…
Hi!!! Have you moved yet? I hope it went well if you did!
All is well here... Spring has finally sprung and I'm in the garden today! Supposed to be a hi of 18!!!!!
Take care and we will talk soon!
I'm so sorry that I totally missed your posting! I'm usually on top of things but this went 2 weeks without my catching it. Hope that by now you are snow free. We are having beautiful sunshine and warm temps but it is the "South". Thinking of you!

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