The Race is On!

For those who have asked and not received a reply from me (sorry!), we have not moved yet. But the scramble to get this crazy house ready to be listed has begun, and as usual, the Captain is elsewhere so I'm doing it alone. It turns out that 8 years is way too long for us to stay in one place, because we are terrible, terrible pack-rats! I think we need to be featured on an episode of Hoarders. It might shame us into decluttering and trashing things that are clearly garbage. I mean honestly, is the Captain ever going to fix up that broken, vintage toaster he bought off of ebay in 1999?!

Bear with me, I'll be back soon!


Time for a garage sale! Good luck with the house sale and move.
Where are you going? Are you being transferred far away? Good luck with the sale of your home and the move. Enough to make a woman crazy!
Kelly Sheehy said…
De-cluttering is one of the hardest parts of preparing to move! I swore once we settled into our new house that I wouldn't let clutter accumulate...we've been here for almost 2 years now, and I can see that it's time for a major clutter clear out! Hope things go smoothly for me and good luck with selling your house! :)
Karen said…
Once upon a time we were a military family with a gaggle of kids. But we lived a very spartan life. Then we bought some land and built a house. Oh boy, it doesn't take long for the lifestyle to change!!
I need to sell my house and move to a town, but THE STUFF IS HOLDING ME DOWN.
Ooh, this is the toughest part I reckon - clearing, cleaning and de-cluttering. Good luck with it - I don't envy you - but the "freedom" that follows will feel fantastic!

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