Thursday, March 24, 2011

Warning: Nothing But Thrift Pictures!

I apologize for what you're about to see. If my double life as a rabid thrifter doesn't leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering daily what exciting new finds I've come across in the back corner of some grimy second-hand store, you have my blessing to stop reading right now and move onto worthier pursuits. And I promise my next post will make no mention of thrifting.

The Captain is home, and we haven't killed each other yet!

For those of you not familiar with my take on the military reunion, this is excellent news. The movies will have you believe that reuniting with your personal GI Joe after a long separation is all kisses and romance and bliss. That's just a big fat lie. He spent the last ten weeks living a structured, regimented army existence with no family distractions. We spent the last ten weeks developing less-than-structured routines that don't involve having a man about the house. Then suddenly, we were all thrown together again to reorganize ourselves and fit each other in. Humans are, at their core, creatures of habit, and we don't want to reorganize anything. We like things just the way they are, thanks very much. This creates low-level melodrama of the quit-getting-under-my-feet-and-annoying-me variety. So we bicker and rip our hair out until we get used to it again.

That, my friends, is military life in a nutshell.

On the plus side, the Captain knows me well enough to realize that a trip around Value Village before heading home from the airport would ease the transition a little. Combined with the Value Village run I did in Booming Metropolis last month, my closet is starting to bulge. Here's the damage:

Light, floaty top originally from Cleo for $7. Added my own belt for that all-important not-pregnant look. This is the only shot I managed to get of me wearing any of it. But you're an imaginative bunch. You'll get the idea.

Skirts! How I've missed you! The one on the left is Gap, the next one was some brand I'd never heard of, and it was originally a dress that didn't suit me, so I cut it up and made it work. The two on the right are from Cleo. All were around $7.

I'm told a chambray shirt is the thing to have this spring. We'll see how that works out for me. The tunic on the right is actually a bright, gorgeous pink with sequins and beads all around the neck. I tried umpteen times to get a good picture. This was the best I got. $7 each.

Pants that fit! The cargo capris in the middle unsnap to become full-length pants. So handy! The grey pants on the right go gorgeously with my new shoes, below. $8 apiece.

These were actually not thrifty at all. Reasonable, yes. But not thrifty. I ordered these online as a reward for finishing my dining room walls. They go with all my new-to-me clothes.

As you may be able to tell, I'm at a point where all I want to do is float around in loose floral-print tops, skirts and sandals. Buying all this stuff is my way of trying to usher in spring. Tell me, I won't have to wait too much longer...

For those of you who kindly read all the way to the bottom of this post, despite not being the least bit interested in my ongoing treasure hunt, here's a picture of my cat going bananas after I opened a window for the first time since October:

"Let me out! Let me out!"

I defy you to walk into a room full of people and find one who is not either enthralled with thrifting, or enthralled with cats.

Just humour me, people. It's been a loooooong winter.


Jenny said...

Great finds!

I'm sure you're glad to have the Captain home, safe and sound. The annoyance factor is multiplied by the number of days he's been gone. The rest of us get ours spread out on a daily basis. Shhh...don't tell Mr. Jenny I said that!

Linda said...

Those do look all spring-y and airy- very nice finds.

Welcome home to the Captain and I hope he was properly appreciative of the finished dining room?

Nezzy said...

That is has my friend, been a very long winter and I fear that someone has captured Spring and is holdin' her for ransom. :o)

I'm so happy you have your Captain home again. I know what life is like when takes time off work to work here on the farm...underfoot, ya know. Heeheehhee!!!

God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie and squeeze that Hubs tight!

Jude@ThisJewels4You said...

You know secretly you are glad the Captain is home. I do love the great finds. Have a great weekend. Jude

In Real Life said...

Wow! I am so envious of your thrifty finds! You've inspired me to get out there and go thrifting again soon. We were at Value Village the other day and my daughter found a porcelain doll to add to her collection for $8, and my son and I found the Slamwich Game (it is an awesomely fun game that usually reatails for about $15.99 - and we scored it for $1.99). The kids have no patients to let me look at clothing though.

Your little kitten is so cute!

I am one of those people who is gaga for thrifty finds and cats!

It sure has been a looooonnnnngggg winter!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love hearing about bargains and you know I love cats. So it's win-win. Hope you and the Captain ease back into the swing of things.

BODECI body said...

Love your blog. You are so refreshing. You have a fantastic kitty, too!


When I go to the thrift store, all I seem to come away with is a big ole wheeze! Something about it just gets into my lungs. Next time I go I take a mask. Love your finds and the fact that you haven't killed the Captain. It would be such a waste after all the time and effort you have put into this relationship!

Stephanie Faris said...

I buy almost all my clothes on eBay...I never pay more than $5 for anything. I make sure shipping is under $3...or buy in lots. It's a great way to thrift shop online. Every time I buy something at Goodwill, I get it home and find a button's missing or something's torn. I just haven't had good luck there!

Dimple said...

Well, I am very partial to cats, and yours is a personality and a half! But I have been known to thrift; I think of it as a game. Recently I found a work shirt for my hubby and a tall old "Jif" peanut butter jar, for a grand total of $1.00. I could have passed up the Jif jar, but I have 2 small ones, and remember my mother buying them with peanut butter inside, so I brought it home.

I'm glad the Captain is home, even though it got everyone out of their routines. It's worth it to be together!

Michelle said...

Glad you two haven't killed each other yet. Since my husband(usually) is in town, this happens to us on the weekends. We finally are both in the house at the same time and can't stand it! LOL How long is yours home for? Love the first shirt and that Pink shirt with the sequins! Have a great Sunday! said...

I never thought about it that way - the Captain coming home I interesting that it must really be such an adjustment for everyone involved. I know how irritated I get when my hubby takes a work trip and comes back and suddenly I'm supposed to jump to attention and cook and clean, etc....I can imagine how much harder it must be for you!

Great finds! I love the chambray!

Nezzy said...

Hey, just poppin' by to see what you've been up to and to wish ya a terrific week sweetie.

God bless! :o)

Nezzy said...

I'm not sure where my comment went...blinked...then disappeared!!!

I just popped in to see what you've been up to and to wish you a terrific week sweetie!!!

God bless!