Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Thursday

I've reached a new low. Halloween is in just over a week and this is my SECOND post of the month! Lame! I really can't expect people to keep reading if I never post anything, so I'm going to publicly commit to a minimum of three posts a week from now on, even if it's just a picture of my cat sleeping on the couch.

Lots of random news to share today. Try not to die from the excitement.

New bloggers take heed: If I could start my blog all over again, I would go completely anonymous, not even letting my friends, family or husband know I was a blogger. That way, I could share with you all of the very worst things I see people say and do, and it'd be a lot more entertaining. I deleted a post recently after the Captain made the good point that even though the nameless horrible person I was posting about didn't read or even know about my blog, I'm just not anonymous enough to guarantee that it wouldn't end up causing me trouble. While I maintain that if you don't want your atrocious behaviour shared with others, you should learn to act like a civilized human being, life isn't really that black and white. My anonymity train has long since left the station, so I reserve the right to still complain about poor customer service or the crazy people who built my house, but the in-laws, friends, and local cranks will have to be saved for my anger management class.

Chicken soup does nothing: I'm finally reaching the end of a cold that has lasted for almost two weeks. Whenever I catch a cold it goes straight to my chest and I cough incessantly all night long. The Captain, who is a light sleeper at the best of times, wants to smother me with a pillow. By all means, feel free to share your home cold remedies.

This is not an ad: Hooray! Old Navy is finally shipping within Canada! My nearest store is two hours away, so this is a huge bonus for me. I order everything I can't get locally online, so between Sears, Old Navy and, I'm saving a lot of time and gas. Now, if I could just get the grocery store to deliver, I'd be the most fashionable shut-in in town.

It pays to run out of pull-ups: Rosemary's Baby has made a giant leap towards toilet-training! We were going through ridiculous numbers of training pants recently, so I decided to let him go pants-less and see what happened. Here's what happened: he started TELLING me he needs to go pee! Whooda thunk it?! Of course, now he's so proud of himself, he's refusing to wear pants. Let's hope he grows out of that before he heads off to college.

Getting an early start on the jack-o-lanterns: Firstborn was playing in a box last weekend and somehow tipped himself over and right into a nearby chair. When the screaming subsided and the blood was cleaned up, this is what he looked like:

The whereabouts of the missing tooth remain a mystery.


Stephanie Faris said...

Have you looked for Old Navy stuff on eBay? You wouldn't believe how many clothes you can get out there for cheap. Some still with tags on.

Suburban Princess said...

I know what you mean about ON - any company that ships within Canada gets my busines!

You could always start a new blog that is anonymous :O) But then you would have to start blogging lol

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I predict that Rosemary's Baby will want his pants back after the first snow storm. He won't want Jack Frost nipping at his, shall we say, nose, for too long!

Jude@ThisJewels4You said...

I do miss reading your blog. Love it! Committing to three times a Good luck. Have a great day. Jude

Linda said...

I'm always happy to read a post from you, and I understand how quickly time can pass without blogging! Especially when someone has small children. Looking forward to pictures of your cat, or anything else. :)

I also get the whole anonymous-might-be-better thing. If you decide to go that route in the future, make sure you (secretly) let us know how to follow you!


Girl, it's too late to turn back now! Some of us live to read your blog! It is such a breath of Spring Time for me.....I see some of myself in you and do understand some of the things you have to go through! I just never seemed to find the sense of humor that you have running through your blogging and I just love that! Hang in there, your little one will decide that it is just too breezy without pants and put them back on.....I hope!

Janine said...

Your son is such a cutie!!


One more thing! As to creating a new blog and not telling anyone who you are.....Honey, don't go to all that trouble...just let it all out!!! Then no one will have to wonder where they stand with you. My husband is like that and I love it...wish I could be more like him. Maybe not quite so honest but if it goes through his comes out his mouth. Not entirely a bad thing...