If Only the SPCA Had Wookiees

If I hear the Star Wars theme one more time, I'm going over to the dark side.

Firstborn has had a fascination with all things Star Wars for some time now. Star Wars Lego sets, Lego Star Wars video games, movies, music. You name it, if it pertains to intergalactic battle with a lightsaber, he's a big fan.

And speaking of intergalactic battle, I've been having some trouble with an alien species myself. Last fall, it became horrifyingly clear that we had something in our garage and workshop. It started by chewing through the hard plastic garbage cans and spreading the trash absolutely everywhere, so I set out a humane trap. Before I knew it, I'd caught close to a dozen rats, which come in from the fields when the hay bales are out. According to my neighbour, if you have one, there are probably 50 or 60 running around nearby. The whole thing makes me want to run screaming back to the big city, where you do still get an occasional rodent, but that's what exterminators are for.

A few days before the Captain returned home, I woke up at 5AM on a Saturday completely consumed by the idea that some old sheets of pink insulation out there, left over from our kitchen renovation, were the perfect spot for rats to nest. So I got out of bed, put on my Doc Marten boots and a mask and proceeded to pull it all out and load it up in the truck to take to the dump. I was right about the nesting and, suffice it to say, it was the most disgusting job I have ever performed, or ever will again. I decided that morning that far more drastic measures were going to have to be taken to keep the rats away.

It took 6 weeks, but today we have a new family member. Meet Anakin!!

And if my dogs' reaction is any indication, over the next few weeks, I'm going to need the patience and wisdom of Obi Wan and Yoda combined. May the force be with me!


Awww cute! I hope he does his job and earns his keep!
We have a Jack Russell who takes care of rodents - unless they get in the house! Last September during a storm a mouse fell down our chimney and got in the den - my JRT was under my desk shaking with fear!
In Real Life said…
Oh my gosh - Anakin is the cutest little kitten ever!

Eeeeeeeekkkkkkk - rats!

May the force be with you! It won't be long before Anakin has taught your dogs who is the Jedi-master. Our little kitten (well she's 3 now), rules the roost!
I live in a rural area too and also have had the pleasure of mice on occassion.....Oh what the hell...every day I do battle. They come into the garage under the door and then also into the house if given a chance. One of my two least favorite things! The other is fleas. They are rampant in East Tennessee this year and the little buggers are so hard to kill!(fleas) Just know you are not alone as I too struggle with the little darlings!! By the way your little Anakin is darling and just look at the big ole grin on your sons face!
Linda said…
What a cutie! He looks like some cats we have had in the past- sort of Siamese markings, but they have a slightly darker 'saddle' on their backs, and those gorgeous blue eyes.
laterg8r said…
rats totally creep me out, you are brave to tackle the garage :D

sweeeeet kitty :D
I'm sure the kitty will do just fine with his new job. Just remember he may want to bring you what he caught for show and tell! He is a cutie pie. Jude
That face is far too cute to go ratting I don't see the killer stare there at all - he'd lick you to death! Gorgeous, enjoy!
Janine said…
rats!!! - gross -
Anakin is just the cutest little thing!!

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