Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mojo Slowly Returning to Normal

So, I've spent the last week ignoring the housework and getting outside with Rosemary's Baby to enjoy the intoxicating spring weather. While he raced around, digging up the lawn and swinging from trees (further confirming my theory that he is more in touch than the average person with his inner monkey), I sat on a lawn chair tittering at a copy of Bridget Jones' Diary that I came across at Value Village a couple of weeks ago. This business of unapologetically reading whatever strikes my fancy is just downright healthy!

And on that topic, I have to say that I love Fridays for so many reasons, but the biggest one is that it's Firstborn's school library day. The stuff he comes home with makes me nostalgic for the days when what other people thought of my choices in life made no difference to me whatsoever. This week we have a book about modern basketball superstars and a picture book about the origins of the sun, with Spanish subtitles. Most weeks he'll come home with one story book and one science-related thing. We've read about tornadoes, aircraft, reptiles (yuck) and spiders (I'm okay with those). It's just so amusing to see him sitting at the table, eating his cornflakes in the morning and poring through these books, sucking up random knowledge like a sponge. I love it!

In other reading-related news, did you see that the Archie comics are getting their first openly gay character? Now, I don't want to start a political controversy here. My blog is many things, but a place for intellectual debate is hardly one of them. We got gay marriage legalized here in Canada a good few years back now. It was hugely controversial at the time, and now, as far as I can tell, everyone has forgotten all about it. When the earth didn't explode, and we didn't all start running around talking about how much we love Cher because she's such a survivor, I guess it became clear that not much was changing for those of us who really had no stake in the matter at all. But back to Archie. I can't figure out if they're trying to sell copies by bringing themselves up to date with what's actually going on in the world, or trying to sell copies by riding the coat tails of the gay community. Either way, I don't think I'm the only one asking the obvious question here: Is anyone even reading Archie anymore?!!

Okay, that bordered dangerously on controversy. If you were looking to nominate me for "Best Political Blog" someplace, this post would probably be the one to enter.

I'm going to spend the next few days catching up on all your blogs, and then I'll be back with pictures of all my latest sewing projects. Try not to die with anticipation.


Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Mojo back and making me smile. Enjoy the rest of Bridget Jones, your weekly inroads into National Geographic for 6 year olds, and sewing. My anticipation is killing me, 'tis true.

Suburban Princess said...

I think they are just keeping up with the world! I am sure they have made changes over the years to keep their characters current. These days everyone has a gay friend so why not Archie!

Linda said...

Don't you love seeing your kids read? And look at the great example you set by reading yourself, showing that it's a priority in your life! :)

Glad to hear your mojo is returning.

Janine said...

Ooohh!! Sewing projects!! Me too!
Can hardly wait to see yours!
I used to read Archie varaciously as a kid!! I think I could still pick up a copy and wonder!!

Stephanie Faris said...

I don't really read COMICS anymore, but aren't they mostly read by kids? If so, is a comic character's sexual preference relevant?

In Real Life said...

Glad to hear your mojo is returning! Yay!
Watching my children monkey around outside or becoming absorbed in a book always lifts my spirits.

Deb Neerman said...

Welcome back! So glad your Mojo decided to return ... hey! have you ever heard of Danielle Steele?!?

LOL, I kid ...