Mojo Be Damned! Life goes on.

Well that didn't take long! It turns out that when you recognize that you need to take a breather, life doesn't conveniently stop in its tracks to help you out. Already, I have something to talk about.

This evening, Firstborn came running into the kitchen, yelling "Mommy, look! Mommy, look!"

He was so frantic, I expected to turn around and discover that his arm had fallen off. Luckily, it wasn't anything so serious. But there WAS some blood, and he was holding out in front of him the teeniest little speck of enamel. He's lost his first tooth!

It's been so many years since I lost teeth, I wasn't sure how long the wiggly tooth was going to take to finally drop out, and I was kind of hoping it'd stay put for a few weeks until the Captain was home to experience this little milestone. But I guess it'll happen another 19 times or so. And now I have to figure out how much the tooth fairy puts under pillows these days.

A while back, someone in Firstborn's class got a Wii for his first lost tooth. I don't think I was the only mother in town who wanted to give the tooth fairy a good slap for that one. I'm figuring $2 should probably cover it.
How much do you give for a lost tooth?


I think a couple of dollars is good enough...who the heck gives a Wii for a tooth!? Sheesh!
Linda said…
Well, congratulations. It has been so long since the tooth fairy visited my home that the going rate was a quarter, so I am no help!
jeannette said…
I think a few dollars suffices! A wii is really over the top!!
Glad you are feeling better....a WII for a tooth. What is this world coming to? I too am of the generation when a quarter was a fabulous rate for a tooth!! I'm thinking you got it covered with $2. Have a wonderful week and remember just a moment now and then to breathe!!!
Diggestive said…
2 pounds is the rate in my house.
A Wii, OMG. I agree with you a couple of dollars. Whatever happened to finding a quarter or half dollar under your pillow. LOL. Jude
Janine said…
Someone's tooth fairy has a little hole in their head...
It was 25 cents when my kids were losing teeth and $1.00 for a molar.
Teeth that came out accidentally due to fistacuffs or a sport were not covered under the tooth fairy's contract!!
laterg8r said…
$2 is more than enough - 20 teeth x $2 = $40 in the end!!

i'd have slapped that tooth fairy too!!!
In Real Life said…
Such a cute picture! Losing that first tooth makes children look so much older!
Dont beat yourself up - I only have one child and my husband is home 50% of the time. I have childcare and inlaws who will help any time I ask.

I couldn't imagine doing this the way you are doing!

If you want a party for your kids just hire a party planner - they have the resources and can pull a theme together with ease!
Melanie Jane said…
I work with families as you know - and one of the moms came up with a great plan - a new toothbrush!! it is one of those that spin and play the kids favourite song -with a little note -- Keep up the good job on brushing!

I agree $2.00 dollars is enough

I have a few years yet -- so all you moms keep the prices down!!
$2 sounds good - our tooth fairy gave that for the first tooth, and then $1 for all subsequent losses. She's wise like that !
Savvy Gal said…
my niece has been receiving coins from the tooth fairy recently too.
Whatever change we have lying around the house, and usually in the morning after hubs and I look at each other and say "Oh gawd, I thought YOU played fairy!"

Glad I could give you a good "show" today with that big pecker, hehe
Stephanie Faris said…
MAN...we used to get a quarter. Now kids get entire gaming consoles???????
Dimple said…
My kids are now in their twenties. They got a quarter. Back in the 50's I got a dime.
My opinion: a Wii is way over the top!
Heather said…
We do $1 per tooth, except when our 9 year old had 3 teeth pulled at the same time (to make room for adult teeth) and she got $5.25. A little extra for the dentist pulling all 3 teeth. She has been perfectly happy (except when we used a $1 coin and she was confused). Good luck and happy teeth.

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