Happy Canada Day!

Well, I've already started to backslide on my blog. But what can I say? Those last couple of weeks of school are CRAZY! I have an iron or two in the fire that I'm hoping to share in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday today!

We contemplated celebrating our first Canada Day in the area by going downtown and checking out the festivities, but as it's such a big one, and as we'd be dragging along an autistic tween with crowd and noise issues, and a surly teenager with embarrassing parent issues, it seemed like more of a punishment for us than a celebration. So we decided to stick to the activities available to us in the immediate vicinity, which are actually plentiful and impressive.

You know what else is plentiful and impressive? The RAIN we're getting this grey, miserable Canada Day! Here's a look at an hour-by-hour forecast of what we're in for today:

Universe, strike me down now! It's Canada's 150th birthday, and I'm not sure we're going to be getting any fireworks tonight! How exactly am I supposed to blow my hand off and take advantage of our amazing access to universal health care?!

In addition to this fun, my youngest gets air pressure-related migraines, so it's going to be a memorable Sesquicentennial all round!

I hope all my other Canadian friends are having better weather today than we are. Watching your fireworks on TV might be the best we can hope for! But take heart! Rain or shine, there is always one important thing to be thankful for on July 1st, perhaps this year more than any other: WE ARE CANADIAN!

Have a great day, and a wonderful long weekend, my fellow Canadians!


DUTA said…
It's a great pride, indeed, to be a canadian. Canada is such a wonderful, high-quality country!! Never been to Canada, but I've learnt a lot about it from the media, and especially from blogs. Canadian bloggers are the most friendly, and sensible people of all.
Happy 150th Anniversary dear Canada! I love you.
Happy Canada 150 Day! Too bad about all the rain down east. It's supposed to be nice here in Edmonton but we might have some rain later in the afternoon.
stampinganja said…
Happy Canada Day!
Stephanie Faris said…
Happy belated Canada Day! It's been rainy here in Nashville, too. It's annoying--every day, it feels like a rainstorm blows in. I feel like I'm in Florida...without the fun of the beach and sand to go with it!
Unknown said…
Only a year late to reading this - have been somewhat distracted myself for the past year or three! I hope the move is working out well for all the family.

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