A Sunday Before and After

With a big cross-country move comes some big changes. I spent my last three years in Manitoba substitute teaching at the kids' school. Returning to work on a part-time basis was literally the best thing I could have done for my mental health, and I miss it a great deal. Unfortunately, there are factors that make getting onto a sub list here difficult. We'd need a second car, I'd need some kind of backup child care plan for my youngest, and not being bilingual here really limits me, to name just a few. So it looks like that goal will have to wait a while. But fear not! You know me. I roll with the punches!

To keep myself busy, I have been working VERY slowly on getting our boring newly-build house looking like humans actually live in it (the kids and pets have been doing their part by systematically demolishing the finish on the hardwood floors). And what I've lost in hireability here, I've gained tenfold in thrifting opportunities. This area of the country is an absolute treasure trove!

I'm trying to keep focused (a minor issue with me) on one room at a time, so as to keep the momentum going. So I've been working on my dining room. Last fall, I found a sideboard at a used furniture store one town over for $30 and brought it home to see what could be done with it. It took me a while to get around to it, but here's the before-and-after:

Now, I will never pretend to be a professional refinisher, but for our purposes I think I've taken a yucky old brown thing from the 70's and breathed some new life life into it. I'm not a fan of spray-painting, so I just got a regular old can of semi-gloss from Canadian Tire and had at 'er! I did spray the hardware silver, but am debating replacing it with something a little more plain at some point. We'll see. This sideboard turned out to be the perfect size to house my large collection of cookbooks, and that big window is very sunny, so Finnegan's ashes sit right on top (surrounded by a TARDIS or two for extra protection) where I can say hi to him every morning.

Yes, it's wildly off-centre. And yes, that IS a random yoga ball sitting to the side of it. Did you really expect any less from us?

Due to the nature of thrifting, I've collected up a LOT of old wood furniture pieces to play with, but due to the nature of my scatterbrained existence, I'm currently overrun with befores, and a little short on afters. More to come as I get my act together. What?! It'll happen!

Enjoy your Sunday!!


DUTA said…
You've done a good painting job. Lovely piece of furniture!
You did a beautiful job on that sideboard. Personally, I would keep the silver hardware, it looks great against the white. Thrift on!
Love the way it turned out and happy to see you back blogging! :)

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