Quarterly Update

Maybe if I make it sound all official and business-like, I'll be more inclined not to neglect my blog. So here is my update for the first quarter of 2016!

First up, have a look at this awesome project spearheaded by my sister in-law, who is a 6th grade math teacher in Tennessee. I love this project for so many reasons. I am old enough to remember a time when every child in class was expected to sit still and shut up for hours on end, and got the strap and a reputation for being a troublemaker if they couldn't comply. We've come a long way in education since then, thank goodness. At our school here in rural MB, it is not unusual to see kids (my own included) sitting on yoga balls and squishy cushions right at their desks, and in some cases it is literally all they need to go from mentally scattered to focused and ready to learn. Research shows over and over that implementing sensory strategies to regulate a child's nervous system for learning is significantly more effective than expecting them to regulate themselves and using punishment to motivate that. So, if you're in a position to help out by donating or sharing this with your friends, do consider it. If you know any billionaires, that would be even better! Either way though, check it out. It's a pretty cool idea!

In other news, our posting to Ottawa seems to be going ahead this time, and things are in full swing around here. Our crazy house was listed last week, and we hope to find an eccentric millionaire who wants to buy it in the next month or so. We are excited for this next chapter in our lives, and a little light-headed at the housing prices in the National Capital Region, but this will pass once we get used to the crippling mortgage payments. The kids are alternately excited and a little nervous, but as always we will get through the next few months together and do what we have to to have everyone end up happy and well-adjusted. Firstborn feels that this will be best accomplished by us buying a house with a hot tub.

And now for the bad news. Look at what my dog did this morning:

That is my favorite mug. I got it as a 40th birthday gift. It is the perfect size for my morning gallon of coffee, and it has just the right amount of personality to let people know I am not to be trifled with. My dog is lucky I love her, because this was a euthanasia-level act of naughtiness. At 14, she really should know not to be up on the counters, scrounging around for food. But at 14, she is also daft and deaf, so I suppose cutting her a little slack won't kill me. In the meantime, the hunt is on for a new coffee mug.

Happy spring, blog buddies! Surely it's going to warm up soon!


I hope the perfect buyer for your house comes along soon and insists on paying an exorbitant amount for it! Are house prices high on the Quebec side of Ottawa too? Might be a little more affordable over there.
knitwit said…
We did look on that side, but what we'd save in the price of a house would be cancelled out by the higher property taxes. Really, we're counting ourselves lucky to have gotten ten years in Manitoba, where we were at least able to put a little by for this inevitable situation. Our next house is going to be a little less of fixer-upper, and amen to that!
We are finally warm here! Good Luck with all the moving and stuff! I'm sure you'll find an even better coffee mug. :)

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