It's Resolution Time!

Happy New Year! 2014 promises to be a big one for us, so I'm easing into the new year with a large cup of coffee.

As I'm going to be picking up my entire life and moving it to Ontario this year, it seems fitting that I should finally just bite the bullet and tackle my lifelong problem with clutter before the moving truck pulls up this summer. So my New Year's Resolution is to make 2014 the year of Making Do. No shopping as a form of entertainment, no buying things I simply do not need just because they're 80% off, and (most importantly) not checking the online sales as part of my morning routine. I have enough fabric and craft supplies to keep me crafting until ten years after I die, and my closet reached maximum capacity at least five Old Navy sales ago. It's time to curb a bad habit.

My regular online shopping sites kindly obliged me today by having the crappiest New Year's sales ever. Does anyone actually wake up on January 1st wanting to buy athletic wear?!

This morning I started my clutter-busting journey by deleting a bunch of craft pins on my Pinterest boards that I know I'll never actually get around to trying. Baby steps, people.

Wishing all of my blog friends happiness and prosperity in 2014!


Karen said…
Welcome to Ontario. We got posted to this location in 1979 and I've never left!
Dimple said…
Yes, organize the computer clutter! I can relate!

Happy New Year, and a blessing on your upcoming move!
Best wishes for the upcoming year -- it will be an exciting time of change and possibilities! And keep warm there in frigid friggin' Manitoba.
Tricky Nag said…
Making do. Great words to guide one throughout the year! I'm going to add this to my list of overly used bits of advice.
Happy new Year!! It's definitely going to be a big one for you!!
Glenda Brooks said…
I should take a lesson from you and de-clutter. I too have enough craft supplies to last a lifetime and after. I should try and use what I have for awhile. You are inspiring me.
Kelly Sheehy said…
Awesome! I always enjoy your New Year's Posts a lot! Thank you! Making Do, is a great slogan! Happy 2014 to you and your family! I hope you have a wonderful year. :)
Good luck and happy 2014 to you and your family! You can do it!
Janine said…
Hi!! Happy New Year!! Where in Ontario are you moving to!!?? How exciting!! At least we are in the same province!!
Hope all is well with you and the kids and hubby!!
RETA said…
HAPPY NEW YEAR! It really DOES feel good to de-clutter! I wish you well.
Alec Webb said…
I like reading this.

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