Two Days Late and $50 Million Short

A very belated Happy Halloween from my little Halloweenies!

That's Indiana Jones in a costume that's about two sizes too small, and a character named Om Nom from something called Cut the Rope. Don't ask me--I just make the costumes!

In other news, I did not win the $50 million jackpot this weekend. I had new shoes picked out and everything. Very annoying!

Happy November!


Great costumes! I hope they got lots of loot!
Glenda said…
Me too on the 50 million! If I had won I would have shared with you! Aren't the boys so cute. Hope they had a wonderful time!
Me neither. The $50 million I mean. I waited and waited for the lady at work to tell me our syndicate had one, and nothing. I'd mentally moved out and everything!
Granny Bob said…
Great costumes, once again,you come up with really cool ones! No this house did not get the winner either! Take care and see you soon!

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