The Knits of Yesteryear

Last weekend was a little rough. One of the dogs had a bit of a health crisis, and because both of my dogs are now 12 years old, it forced me to face the fact that they're not going to be around forever. One expensive trip to the vet on Monday, and the animals were once again chasing each other all over the house and generally behaving like idiots. But after a weekend of doing little more than crying and feeling sorry for myself, I felt I needed to make a concerted effort this week to bring my spirits back up. So I interrupted my ongoing Breaking Bad marathon and started watching a very funny sitcom instead. I have to tell you, cackling like one of the witches from Macbeth is a real mood booster!

And then, during an internet search for a DIY sewing project, I came across something that made me laugh even harder. And that sent me on a search for more of the same, which brings me to today's blog post.

Friends, I give you the hysterical knits of yesteryear!

First up, did you want to look super cool in 1986 but just weren't sure where to start? How about with a little personal flair inspired by the A-Team?!

I pity the fool who didn't buy this pattern book before it inexplicably went out of print.

I don't know about you guys, but the classic colour combination of poop-and-purple is one I'd like to see making a comeback.

That rifle really adds a masculine touch.

And what is more reminiscent of the decade that taste forgot than a classy pair of knitted gaucho pants?
Even the dog looks embarrassed to be a part of this nightmare.

Does anyone know why we didn't have to wear bike helmets in the 70's?

Because EVERYONE could see us coming!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if James Bond and Austin Powers had a love child?
Groovy, baby! YEAH!

This one is just a little confusing...

It's cold enough for a sweater and train-driving hat, but not pants? Where does he live?!

And last but not least, it seems only appropriate to honour the upcoming long weekend here in Canada.
If this isn't enough to stop you from eating too much turkey this year, I'm not sure what else I can do for you.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Happy Thanksgiving!


Tricky Nag said…
So many words could describe the awesomeness in this post. I'll be chuckling for days!!
OMG, each one is funnier than the one before! Where on earth did you find those photos -- GAG!

Glad to hear your dog is better now although vet's bills are christly expensive, especially when the pet is old. I find vets can also play on the owner's guilt to agree to all kinds of ongoing yet questionable treatments. That's how vets put their kids through university.
Glenda Brooks said…
I totally agree with Debra She Who Seeks.....I've said all along my vet is setting up college funds for his children he doesn't even have!

I too love these photo's. Actually it was a walk down memory lane for me...hehehe....
Dimple said…
The last one is a corker, followed closely by the next to last.
But I kind of like the loud quilt block pants....

Granny Bob said…
OmG,too funny,but yes I remember people really wearing that stuff. Thanks for the laugh,please done ever quit posting,what would we do without you.Thanks again and take care!
Too funny! But beware of the comeback of the purple & poop combo :-)
Anonymous said…
A belated sorry about the dog...glad he is doing better. Vet bills must be outrageous!

These pictures made me laugh. Much needed this weekend so thank you.

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