A Crafty Week

This week I got extra crafty and completed two quick and easy projects! Sadly, I was nowhere near as productive in the area of housework...

First up, my little hanging tooth pillow:

RB lost a tooth this week, and the idea of trying to get a toonie* under his pillow was just too exhausting. The Captain is away and my patience is at a premium, so I've decided that from now on the tooth fairy can visit our dining room instead.

I used some leftover felt scraps and a simple technique similar to this one, except I cut my pieces tooth-shaped and added a ribbon on top so it can be hung on a doorknob if necessary. There's a pocket for teeth and money on the back that I naturally forgot to photograph. It was a 15-minute project (tops), and now no one will learn the traumatic truth about the tooth fairy by waking up one night to find me swearing as I dig around under their pillows looking for lost teeth.

My second project was a spur-of-the-moment attempt at using up some fabric I've had lying around for ages. My mom gave me some stretchy white eyelet stuff last year, and I happened to have a smaller piece of solid white jersey leftover from a previous project, so I thought I'd attempt a maxi skirt for summer. I'm never mad for sewing with stretch knits, but for some odd reason, this one came off without a hitch--and in a mere 30 minutes or so start-to finish. My stars were obviously aligned this week! Here's how the skirt turned out:

Sorry for the dreadful photo--the eyelet pattern is hard to see up top. 

There are a million tutorials out there for making stretchy skirts without a pattern, and I used a method much like this one (minus the hem--truly, I am as lazy as they come), made 2 skirts and then attached them together at the top when it was time to put in the elastic. Like every project I complete, this was so easy-peasy, I could've just gotten one of the dogs to do it. As an added bonus, I happened to run across a shorter, but similar, version of it being sold at Old Navy later in the day. So apparently, this frumpy, middle-aged mom is right on-trend!

Happy long weekend, everyone!

*For my non-Canadian friends, a toonie is a $2 coin. Prices have really skyrocketed since I was a kid...


Love the skirt and the very cute tooth pillow. Remember the house work will still be there. So have fun with your crafts! Jude
A toonie for a tooth! Man, I thought I was rich if I got a quarter for mine, LOL! Love the tooth pillow idea too.
Glenda Brooks said…
Both projects are great. I'm afraid I left my sewing skills lying in a ditch somewhere. Still have the Singer machine, just never even put it up out of the cabinet. I don't even sew on cards (did you notice)!
Kelly Sheehy said…
Wow! I am so enjoying seeing your crafts! Great skirt and wonderful tooth fairy pillow! I had meant to make/buy something similar for my kids when they were still of the tooth-losing ages - but, it didn't happen. I think yours is awesome! That is so cool that you can make clothing and jewelry! Wow!
Love the skirt. Very nice.

Such talent to beable to sew clothes. I just did a material Mini book. I thought I was doing well. Well I did.

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