Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Resolutions

Well, the world didn't end in 2012 so I had to rack my brain and come up with some new year's resolutions!

2013 will be the year of IDENTITY for me. This is the year I turn 40, and I'm bound and determined not to take all my silly emotional baggage with me into my forties!

Something I noticed this holiday season when I was catching up with a few friends via email is that when I send out those updates on my life, there is always a pattern to how I do it. First, I talk about the Captain--his job, his garden, and what he'll be doing in the coming year (Afghanistan...again...ugh...). Then I move onto Firstborn--his town fair accomplishments, his love of lego and video games and my plans to get him swimming every week to improve his skills and get him off the couch. Next, I move onto RB--his therapy, how he's doing in school, and the things he does that make us laugh. If I feel I have enough time and space left after all that, I will finish up by mentioning the pets, and then wish all my friends a happy and healthy new year before signing off.

Did you notice anything missing in all that?

As it turns out, since I stopped working (and 2013 will mark the TEN YEAR anniversary of that. Yeesh!), I have had little, if anything at all, to tell people about ME. I've effectively rendered myself invisible. How sad is that?!

I really don't want to go back to work right now. There's still a little too much going on for me to consider that a sane idea. And anyway, I agree with the European notion that we are far more than just what we do for a living. So keeping that in mind, I need to focus on something beyond housework (which I mostly don't do anyway...) and my family before I disappear completely!

I'd like to tell you I have a 10-point plan with bullet lists and an accompanying slide show made up in order to accomplish this goal. That's just the kind of thing that would have me all thrilled and excited about the new year. But I'm not quite there yet. I do, however, have a question ready to ask myself in order to turn this resolution into a reality, and not just some hazy pipe dream I concocted while delirious from two weeks' worth of overindulgence.

Could I put anything I did this week into a Christmas letter?

While I promise not to treat all my friends and family next Christmas to a 30-page letter detailing every nutty thing I set my mind to throughout the year, my goal is to get to the end of each week with something noteworthy to say for myself. This is going to mean trying new things. Or maybe taking the things I do now to a new level. Something that might require a little risk on my part. And everyone who knows me knows that I hate risk.

But if I want to hit 40 with a sense that my life is about more than just packing lunches and hemming other people's pants, I need to get to work. So bring it on, 2013!

Thanks for sticking with me for yet another crazy year, despite my long absences. You guys keep me honest! A happy and healthy New Year to all of you!


Laeli said...

We're 2013, soon to be 40 twins.
Did that make sense? hee Hee

I;m a little pissed nothing happened on Solstice. But its a good thing I didn't wrack up my credit cards and tell everyone what I really feel..yikes.

Here's to 2013, the year of YOU! XOXO

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, the Big Four Oh -- it is indeed a life milestone. Yes, you deserve to focus on yourself more than you do -- THIS IS YOUR LIFE TOO! Wishing you and your family all the best in 2013! said...

I hear you! Enjoy the up coming year and don't be afraid of the number 40 because it is just that...a number. It's what you make of it. Can't wait to hear about YOU. You are always welcome here in Florida.... Judy

Glenda said...

This tiny space does not allow me to say all the things I would love to tell you as you turn 40! So go ahead...Be 40! Be you...a wife, a mother, housekeeper, wiper of snoty noses! No shame there! Honey, it is what it is! So go ahead love your husband, your sons and especially love yourself. You can be all these things and STILL be you. Most of us love you for who you are today. At the end of the day, turn around and see a husband off working in the military, two beautiful sons sleeping peacefully...yes you are tired...beyond tired; some days weary...So rest now for a small spell. Realize you don't have to re-invent yourself...You are WOMAN!...Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound and at the same time apply bandaids to skined knees. And we, your followers, love hearing about it all!

Kelly Sheehy said...

Happy New Year! I hope that you have a wonderful 2013! I always find that your resolution posts are so inspiring! :)

Granny Bob said...

Happy 2013! It will be a great year! You are more than you give yourself credit for. You family could not be who they are without you,and you are amazing! Fourty is just a number, stop and look at all you are through our eyes and your family's eyes.We all love you! Have a great year and be proud of who you are!

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

You will accomplish this resolution and more. Happy 2013 to you and your busy little family. I look forward to some "me" updates. Ann

Susan said...

Don;t worry about being forty, I am 62. The trick is you pick the age you want and go no further. Then you start going backward again.
Thanks for letting me visit.

Susan said...

Well it is really good to see you here on blogger. I had a long absence due to health reasons, and when I got back so many deserted blogs. I hope you are not in the wake of the snow storm. We just missed it this time, Delaware a little south and so far just got rain. Thank you Lord.
Thanks for letting me visit.