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For some time now I've been making fun of the Eggies commercial, which seems to run continuously from 11 at night until about 6 in the morning here in Manitoba. I think this (completely stupid) product might only be available in Canada, so here's the video if you happen to be lucky enough not to get this where you live:

As you can see, the makers of this product have pegged us as a society so stupid, lazy and rich that we need to buy something to deliver us from the horrific inconvenience of peeling our own hard-boiled eggs. Ridiculous, right?

I totally want it.

After months of rolling my eyes through the entire ad, and laughing at the outrageously stupid woman who can't peel an egg without turning the thing into a gelatinous, inedible mess on her counter, the over-excited disembodied commercial voice telling me to buy Eggies  has finally gotten inside my head. Every time I peel an egg, I wonder "would Eggies make this easier?"

Until last week, I could only wonder. While I might be the exact fool the makers of Eggies are targeting, the $12.99 price tag was still a little steep for me. But during a quick trip to my local thrift store, guess what I found for a buck!

The fact that one of the Eggies was missing should've been my first clue that things were not going to go well. But in my defense, I was excited to find 5 obviously brand-new Eggies for such an amazing deal. I got them home, put them through the dishwasher and excitedly brought a pot of water to a boil.

Oh. My. God.

The first thing they neglect to mention in the commercial is that each Eggie has about 5 parts that have to go together perfectly in order for your eggs not to explode all over the place.  Sorting out all the parts and putting them together took me a good 5 minutes, which was essentially the amount of time using these things was supposed to save me during the peeling process. But I kept an open mind, cracked my eggs and screwed everything together good and tight. One minute into the boiling process, my pot of Eggies looked like this:


So we have two of my four eggs leaking out into the boiling water and foaming up over the side of the pot. Well, that still leaves two eggs. Not terrible, I suppose. Let's let the last two cook and then we'll slip them out with ease and enjoy two perfectly-boiled eggs without the inconvenience of peeling, just like all those happy people in the commercial!

Um...not so much.

After cleaning up the exploded egg mess, I twisted open my two remaining Eggies, only to find that my eggs were well and truly glued to the insides. Scooping them out created a mess that was actually worse than the traditional egg-peeling scene in the commercial, and I felt like a real sucker. Nowhere was it mentioned that you have to spray every separate part of these insane things with cooking spray to keep your eggs from sticking. True, this might be something that common sense should've told me, but let's remember that I am the person who is taken in by the Eggies commercial. I have no common sense! And you can bet I wasn't going to stand at the sink for half an hour scrubbing the egg off of everything when I was already only just breaking even on time as it was. Into the garbage they went!

Thus ends my love-affair with yet another ridiculous As-Seen-On-TV product, and I'm back to the horror of peeling all my boiled eggs the old-fashioned way. On the plus side, this learning experience only cost me a buck, so technically I'm still up $11.99.

I wonder if the Sham Wow guy has anything new to sell me...


Glenda said…
Sometimes, we just have to give in to the little voice in our head...but just remember if it sounds too good to be usually is! That being said, I can totally relate to your actions. I can't tell you how many pillows I have bought that were supposed to be the last pillow you will ever own!
LOL, very funny post! Thanks for your fearless exposé of this misleading product. CBC should hire you as an investigative journalist on "Marketplace" -- seriously!
LuckyLady said…
Hi There - checked out another site on this - they had the same result. "The $10 Eggies are "egg-stra" bad, cracking an F minus on this Does it Work test!"
If they worked I would have bought them - I love using hard boiled eggs in a lot of stuff and that is my dish "deviled eggs' at family gatherings. So would have been nice if they worked. I peel many a hard boiled egg and guess I will continue to do so.

OMG! I'm speechless! Look out Sham Wow! Have a great weekend! Jude
Dimple said…
Thanks for the heads up! I have never seen the commercial, but I did see one eggie at a thrift store. I wasn't looking for that sort of thing, but someone explained its purpose. Should it ever come up, I now know what to advise!
Kelly Sheehy said…
Hee Hee! I am sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your Eggie experience! (I hadn't heard of them before). I was taken in by Sham-Wow! I'm super curious about NO-NO hair remover, even though I know it can't possibly work or be a good idea! :)
Janine said…
At least you only paid a buck!!!
How are you Wendy??? I have been MIA for quite awhile now.!!

And now Christmas is about to descend on us in a few short weeks!!

Tricky Nag said…
Who doesn't want an Eggie?? Those types of ads are the ultimate in fabulous marketing. Not only do I need an Eggie, I need a snuggie, a slap chop, and those slippers that have mouths that open - I think they come in adult sizes too.
Great post!
Fantastic research and homework to save us all the trouble. Well done and thank you!!! LOL

And anything called a Sham Wow just has to be fantabulous. I look forward to your next featured article!
Laeli said…
OMG I wondered about those! Thanks for doing all the hard work for me,lol. They look like a nightmare, hee
Amy said…
Thanks for the laugh! Great post; I have to say, the commercial makes it look like it's so difficult to peel hard boiled eggs. Perhaps no one taught them to soak their cooked eggs in cold water immediately after cooking so the shell peels off easily. Although, if the world knew that trip it would put Eggies out of business. :)
Dimple said…
Hi Wendy,
Merry Christmas and Happy (Eggie-free!)New Year!
LOL, Wow! I think if you use eggs that are older, they peel easier. Use your least fresh eggs! Thanks for stopping by recently. You were the first blog I ever subscribed to and I'm glad we're still friends almost 2 years later! Have a very Merry Christmas!
Melanie said…
Catching up after months away,and yours was the first blog I had to read. I have to say I am so glad I read this, I too wanted the Eggies, but felt like you they were a silly thing.. thanks for the laugh! and now I know not to get them at my local thift shop. BTW the sham wow guy was on YTV and had convinced my then 12 year old niece she needed the SHAM WOW! gotta love marketing. Merry Christmas!

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