Thursday, April 26, 2012

Butt Circles!

Yes, you read that right. I have another terrifying tale of thrift store kerfuffles for you.

Now, since promising you all that I wouldn't set foot in Value Village anymore, I have made one trip back. But I had a good reason. RB needed some toys for his program, and I was also looking for a specific book I needed for the long-distance book club my sisters and I are trying out. On both counts, VV completely redeemed itself. I found the book (Travels With My Aunt by Graham Greene, for those of you who are looking for a good read) within a minute of stepping into the fiction section for 99 cents. I also found several of the toys on my list, for much less than I'd have paid new. I did also look at clothes, but nothing has changed for me on the prices there, so I behaved myself and got out before my impulses took over. All in all, a successful trip to VV!

Now, when I decided to go through my closet to get myself ready for spring, on the other hand, I discovered something quite shocking.

Sometimes when I go thrifting I have a child or two with me. And when that's the case, trying on clothes is completely out of the question. It's also probably a good reason not to buy any either, but I really am the type of person who has to find these things out the hard way.

At some point over the winter, I came across what I thought was a cute denim skirt in my size. I thought it'd be great for summer. Did I need the denim skirt? Of course not. My other two denim skirts should've been perfectly sufficient. But I bought it anyway. Because that's the way I roll. And here, as I discovered months later when I finally tried it on, is the result:

Butt circles!

And just in case you're having trouble seeing what I'm talking about, I've monochromed and contrasted the problem for you:

Computer-retouched butt circles!

I think we can all agree that this skirt is not wearable. That's probably why it was donated to VV in the first place. So now I have to decide whether buying a $5 pack of fabric dye (bringing the total cost of the second-hand item to about $12) is worth the bother, or whether to just call it a day and enjoy the other two perfectly respectable denim skirts I already own.

But more importantly, I am extremely curious as to how this skirt came to have two very prominent faded circles right on the butt. Was this the company's disastrous attempt at a new trend in clubwear? Had the guy at the factory just handed in his two weeks notice and figured he'd have some fun in the dye vat? Was the previous owner prone to sitting on her power sander? 

As it turns out, the thrift store is a place of infinite mystery.



Well, I was wondering when you would come up for air again. I miss your posts and I realize it really hasn't been that long, but I miss your humor and reading your blog post always makes me smile. What a delima you have. Could I suggest Rit die maybe could help?
Good to see you back!

Kelly Sheehy said...

Ewwwww...butt circles!

I'm glad your trip to VW was successful!

I am anxious to begin wearing spring clothes, but this week, the weather has decided to revert to more chilly temperatures again.

Linda said...

I lean toward calling it a day and scrapping the material toward a future project. Oh, the hazards of thrifting!

Dimple said...

I vote for the intentional disaster. I never could see the point in buying (and paying a WHOLE LOT for) "distressed" clothing. My mending pile is full of such items!
Maybe you could cover the circles with pockets....

Granny Bob said...

O.K. I have an idea you may want to try or maybe not, remember when we used to take jeans and cut them off just below the pockets and add gathered fabric to make a skirt. Why could you not cut off the skirt at the butt circles and do the reverse with out gathering it, something funkie I'd be thinking, or you could use crayons and an old iron. Glad you did have a good VV experience. Take care and have a great weekend!

Laural Out Loud said...

Even if you dye it, won't the circles still show up as a lighter shade? Regardless, that is hilarious. And I can't even come up with ONE plausible idea as to how the circles got there!

Tricky Nag said...

Love the circles. Now, if you were Martha you'd go to your fabric cupboard and fins something gabulous to add some cute pockets to hide them. In my mind this is an easy 15 minute job, but I somehow suspect it would take all day and they'd look awful.