Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 has gotten off to quite a start around here. First I discovered that my little iPod Shuffle has gone off to the great electronics pile in the sky. Then I found RB in the pantry yesterday morning stuffing a contraband substance (Hostess cupcake) into his mouth whole. As I have had to install locking door handles all over this house due to RB's wandering hands, monkey-like climbing skills, and naked butt issues, I decided that January 1st was the day I was finally going to end the pantry mischief once and for all. And it was only going to take me about 5 minutes. After all, I have experience with this.

I began with a Phillips screwdriver, and removed the ratty old regular handle. No problems there. But when I started to try to fit the new locking handle into the hole in the door, I found the inside mechanism was too long. Never having come upon this problem before, I started devising new ways to make it fit. After about half an hour of drilling, sawing, hammering (and by this, I mean hitting things with the heel of my shoe), the Captain felt he needed to come downstairs and stick his nose in my handy work. I had made no headway whatsoever, and received a ten-minute lecture on how doors work and thinking through my problems.

When he went back upstairs, I got right back to work doing exactly what I'd been doing before. I cheered in triumph when I finally got the door to close, but then immediately had to call back upstairs in defeat when I realized it wouldn't open again and I was trapped in the pantry. Another lecture. This time, I left him to figure out this unfathomable problem, and in 5 minutes we had a working lock on our pantry door. Handy jerk.

He explained, again, how the locking mechanism works and what I had to do to make it fit. I promised to keep it in mind the next time I needed to change a door handle.

So, for future reference, if you're installing a locking door handle, the thing to remember is blah blah blah, yadda, yadda, yadda, and I told you so.

Or something along those lines.


Suburban Princess said...

LOL! If my husband tried to explain it to me he would just sound like the teacher in Peanuts cartoons!


Gottcha....I won't be trying that one for sure! I can do some things but would never getting into locks...I'm not mechanically inclined. Hehehehe..... said...

OMG...still laughing; not at you but at the situation. Sounds like my house...blah..blah..blah.

Happy New Year! Judy

BragonDorn said...

Right back at you my good friend!

Granny Bob said...

Good gracious thank you I needed that, my stomach still hurts from laughing. OMG they are all the same,blah...blah...blah...,like we don't know anything at least we try. Happy New Year and better luck next time.LoL!

LaelShine said...

Oh I'm laughing so hard at "handy jerk" Weeeeee!

Melanie said...

Happy new year! It was great to catch up on my reading and morning coffee with your blog was great.
Hope all is wonderfully for 2012.