Tomatoes, Spice Cake and Frost. Brrr.

I've been thinking that if I don't post again soon, you're all going to think that my last post was a suicide note. So, rest assured, I'm still alive and well. Just buried in tomatoes.

We got our first frost last night and it is CHILLY! There's still a lot to be harvested from the garden, and between that and having to do a lot more work than I'm used to for RB's program, time is at a bit of a premium for me right now. But I am slowly trying to make the rounds and leave some comments, and eventually I'll be back on track with my own posts. I hope...

Before I get back to chopping tomatoes, on another very grave and important topic, I heard some news that rocked my world this morning. Maybe you heard it too.


That's right. In the interests of preserving our already crippled environment, Hasbro has redesigned the classic first kitchen appliance of aspiring little chefs to include a proper heating element and more cooking space. The light bulb is being phased out! It's great news for 4 year-olds who are concerned that the 100-watt hot spot surrounded by some nominally warmer-than-room-temperature air might dry out their souffle before it's puffed up properly.

For those of us more worried about what an entire heating element will do to the moistness of our tiny round spice cakes, the jury is still out.


Wendabubble said…
Why is everyone bogged down with tomatoes this year??!
In Real Life said…
Oh my gosh, I'm not sure it can still be considered a true easy-bake oven, if it doesn't use a lightbulb!

We have been swamped with a lot more homeschool work than we are used to this year, September has been nutty for us!

We had a bit of a frost here the other morning, I am still ardently wishing for a long, warm fall! My hopes haven't been dashed yet, because there is still no white stuff on the ground!
Kelly L said…
Funny - I remember my Easy Bake oven from the 60's.. And when my girls got one when they were little - it cracked me up - the cakes are so small.. Wonder how the "heating element" will be..
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Janine said…
I LOVED MY EASY BAKE OVEN!!! I have been a very bad blogger and a very bad commenter on blogs!!
Think about you often though!!
We are getting down to 5 degrees by Friday night!! Yummo for sleeping!!!
I wish we had tomatoes here in Florida. The growing season is opposite...we get them in the winter months because its like a blast furnace here in the summer! Can't wait for fresh veggies that are actually grown in the state and not shipped in from somewhere. Stay safe!
Linda said…
A Frost? I am so sorry. And even more sorry that we might get one this weekend. At least the days are still sunny!
Have fun with the tomatoes.
Glad to see you, if only for a brief moment. Tomatoes are on my agenda too. Great for soups and chili tho. Frost? Really? We are still in upper 80's here. A frost would almost.....ALMOST be welcomed. Don't be a stranger.....please.
Granny Bob said…
Thank you, I was going into withdrawal waiting for a new post.It helps make life a little better, beats chocolate or almost and it is much healthier. To many tomatoes, freeze the suckers good for stew,chilli and numerous other things,much easier too. I was never the proud owner of an easy bake but the girls had one,they used it a little but like the real thing better. But how can they change it up how are all the little darlings going to watch the stuff bake. Crazy how even the things that have been around for ever are not even imune to progress.Keep them coming and hope all is going well with R.B. Thank you again for taking time from your busy days.
Nezzy said…
I'm sayin'....I was heartbroken too!!! I worry what a hot heatin' element in the little ovens will do to little bakers fingers.

No frost here yet. We're waitin' for a killing frost before we can harvest the corn crop.

You have yourself a blessed and beautiful day sweetie!!!
Michelle said…
Hope you've taken care of all of those tomatoes by now! I don't think I ever had an easy bake oven!! And a "heating element" kind of scares me. Hmmm. . . wonder what they're cookin' up now?
Janine said…
Hi Wendy!! Hope all is well with you!! Long time no post!! Same with me...

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