Emergencies and Art Canvases

For the first time in nearly 38 years, I've had my first visit to the emergency room!

Actually, that's not quite true. I've taken my kids one time each, and the Captain has had a few trips since we've known each other. But taking myself there was a new one.

I was slicing bread, preparing for a busy day and managed to somehow slice, with quite a bit of force, into my wedding ring finger. I knew immediately it was going to need medical attention.

Going to a rural emergency room is so different from going to a city one. I was in an out in 20 minutes and I had 2 nurses and a doctor hovering over my pathetic little cut finger. The doc actually decided not to stitch because the whole thing was awkwardly placed, would leave a nastier scar, and the anatomy of the injury made it possible for the skin to be put back in the right place and taped back together, so they put a tight, bulky dressing on instead. Here's what that looked like (sorry for the poor picture quality. Next time I'll snap it outside):

I've now progressed to oversized band aids, thank heavens. The dressing was a massive pain, since I wasn't allowed to get it wet. Plus, I kept spilling coffee on it. I'd show you my actual finger, but it still looks really gory and I don't want my blog to become known for its gross-out posts.

And on another topic, does anyone else love Dollarama as much as I do (for my American friends, it's similar in dollar-store quality to your Dollar Tree stores, but maybe even a little nicer)? I've noticed a few of the stylish people I know (and by "know", I mean that I follow their blogs) are even getting some of their jewellery there. Firstborn is already bored stiff at home every day, so I went in looking for a few cheap activities to keep him occupied. Yesterday, we made this wood dinosaur model together and he painted it:

I also got him some markers, a puzzle book and an art canvas with a brush and acrylic paints. It seems that for kids, art is a lot more fun if they're using "professional" supplies. The fact that I can get them at the dollar store means he can paint away to his heart's content and I don't have to worry about us having our house repossessed. This, however, does not mean that he's off the hook for buying us a retirement condo in Florida in a few years.

I hope everyone's enjoying summer. T-minus one week to our first family Staycation! Stay tuned!


Ouch! Sorry to hear about your accident however on the plus side....if there is one...no stitches and immediate care and no waiting what would seem like days to be seen. I know you just wanted the Captain to buy you a new ring; one with a big sparkly stone!!!

Looking forward to hear about your upcoming staycation. Have a great weekend!!
Youch! Hope the digit gets well soon.

Dollar stores are absolutely FAB for crafty supplies - it's a bit scary how much profit somewhere like Michaels must be making!

Good luck on the remaining Stay-cation - have fun.
Oh, your poor finger! Hope it heals soon. And yes, Dollarama is great for crafts and holiday stuff. Plus there's nowhere cheaper for gift bags.
Our Dollar Stores here are no longer $1. Everything is much more...but Dollar Tree is another story. I love this store and just discovered one close by and I plan to visit often. I spend $5 and have 5 items....wonderful! Sorry about your little finger! Hope it is all better very soon! Can't wait to hear about your staycation....will be waiting on pins and needles to hear!
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry about your finger! Thank goodness you've graduated to band-aids at this point but it must be super painful.

There are no dollar stores near me and this really annoys me. I end up paying retail for stuff just so my 6-year-old will leave me alone for 10 minutes!!

Feel better my friend!
LaelShine said…
Youch! I hope you heal fast. I'm super happy for you that you were in and out of the er so quickly,woohoo!

Dollarama is the best.store.ever.
Great for crafts..and well everything. I swear my whole house has been bought there;p
In Real Life said…
Ouch! Yikes! I hope your finger feels better soon!

That's a cute picture, it looks like he is having fun! Dollarama is great for art supplies!
Dimple said…
Ouch is right! The dressing makes it look even more so, I think!

I like Dollar Tree, but I need to get into the habit of shopping there...
Stephanie Faris said…
Now that's a long way to go to get around wearing your wedding ring!!!

I hope it heals quickly.

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