Spring Has Spru...Aw Crap!!

In case you're wondering where the heck I've been, I'm going through another of my blogging slumps. Let's see if you can figure out why!

Here are some shots I took from my front door about 5 minutes ago:

If you're having trouble figuring all that white fuzziness out, I'll give you a hint. It's snow! It's April 15th and after nearly 6 months of winter and a decent spring thaw, it's started SNOWING again! And there's more in the forecast!

Please excuse me. I'm off to stick my head in the oven...


Oh, I see you've now received the snow that we got yesterday in Alberta. Hey, we all must suffer in this together. You Manitobans think you're so hoity-toity what with your NDP government and all . . . well, you're not too good for Springtime Snow! Hahahahahahaha!
Pull your head back out of the oven....don't cause a scene! So it's snowing...you do live in Canada after all. I don't mean to rub it in but we have dogwoods blooming and we have been mowing for a month...You need to come south my friend! I'd love to try and make a Hillbilly out of you!
Linda said…
Well, I feel your pain- we are supposed to get lots of rain tomorrow and if it dares to turn to snow, I won't be responsible for my actions!

Finally, the snow is gone except for the shady places, and that really doesn't count. The ice is thinning on the lakes too. It's still pretty darn cool though.

Here's hoping you're done with snow now :)
In Real Life said…
I know, it totally sucks, it snowed here too, and I feel like "diving into the depths of despair"! Hopefully, spring will really arrive soon.
Step away for the oven as it will not be a pretty sight when the Captain finds you! YUK...where did that weather come from. Next year you need to make arrangements with all your blog followers that reside lets say south of Georgia and just move about until you think its safe to return to Canada. Sounds like a good plan. Have a great weekend. Jude
God - I hear you!!! This has been a particularly long one!

Why not put something sweet and edible in that oven instead, like a big tray of brownies?!

Hey, I have about 1cm of growth on some bulbs - it must be happening soon, surely, that Spring thing.
Jenny said…
Don't do it! Just head on south to Phoenix!
Laural Out Loud said…
I love snow! It might have something to do with not living with it, though, lol. We have to drive several hours to get to snow, and it's only there a few months out of the year. But it's spring time! So I totally get why you're over the snow. I hope it turns springy for you soon!
Dang snow.

We'll probably get some. We tend to get snow showers in April quite a bit.
Sweet Pink Pill said…
you're so witty. stick your head in the oven.... lol
Sweet Pink Pill said…
you're funny, stick your head in the oven... lol

Stephanie Faris said…
It wouldn't be so bad getting one last little snowstorm before the 80 degree temps kick in here! Of course, when it snows here, it only snows an inch or two and it's melted by the next day.
Michelle said…
Awww!! I understand. It has finally, as of maybe a couple weeks ago stopped snowing here. It has however rained for 2 weeks straight, except for maybe 2 days. It WILL be warm and sunny and dry soon!!! We can will it to happen.

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