I Don't Like Mondays

The silicon chip inside my head is officially switched to overload!

After Firstborn's diagnosis and Rosemary's Baby's return to gluten (which is actually not going too badly, by the way!), we had yet another setback!

Rosemary's Baby's tutor, who works with him five days a week for just over six hours a day has gone on a sudden month-long medical leave. At present, I think I'd better not say any more than that because I might live to regret it, but rest assured, I am not happy about this. Not at all.

Because she waited to do this until her job became legally secure, and because she has a set return date (which could change at any time, and probably will), and because we live so far from the nearest city, the centre she works for can't hire a replacement right now. Instead, they've trained ME to do the work until the end of September. So I have two kids, two dogs, a cat, a crazy falling-down house, an overgrown farm-sized vegetable garden, and now her job to do too.

But I will survive this, and I'll get a better understanding of how my kid's therapy works, which I think is actually a really good thing. I hold out hope we'll get a new tutor in the end as well. I'll keep you updated, and post before-and-after shots of me when it's all over. Because that'll be amusing. For you.

We are also nearing the end of the month, so my photo project is coming to a close. I'll be sharing my favourites over the next few days.

Have a happy Monday! Or at least try to get through it.


Linda said…
I hope the missing tutor problem resolves quickly and you get a new one soon, instead of being strung along forever.

But, keep looking on the bright side- it will help for you to know more about his therapy, as you said.

Enjoy the end of summer.
I think you must have invented Murphy's Law and while you were at it...you decided to live it too. Well girl....suck it up...and march forward like a good soldier. Speaking of soldier, where is yours? Maybe he should be fitting into this equation. Hang in there. You are one of the strongest ladies, and I use that term loosly, (guffaw) that I have ever had the pleasure of blogging with. I just know you will get through this too. What don't kill you will MAKE YOU STRONG!
Savvy Gal said…
have a good day my dear!
Deb Neerman said…
What next?

How does a tutor ... or anyone for that matter ... obtain a "legally secure" job? Is that a Canadian thing? Never heard of such a thing ... and, from what I've heard now, I don't much like. Neither do you ... so that's two. We'll start with a small Commando unit and go from there ....

Aren't these tutors trained, educated, sheep-skinned up?!? How can they train YOU to do her complex job outside of a accredited university?!? 'Splain me this, Lucy ...

It's great to know more of how your child's therapy works ... but actually doing it?!? This seems to be a bit much.

Wait. Do you get paid for doing her job? Or does SHE still get paid for not doing her job? And if neither of you is getting paid, then why can't the Center hire a replacement? Is the Center now profiting from this? That could be a new, very profitable cottage industry for them. Hire tutor, get rid of tutor, train the parents, and pocket the salary!

It's a good thing we're not neighbors ... otherwise you would be adding "revolutionist" to your ever-explanding resume.

Keep the faith baby ... September'll be come and gone before ya know it. That's how comas work ...
Nezzy said…
Oh sweetie, what a curve ball you've been thrown, but it may not be a bad thing as you stated. I'll be prayin' that everything works out for the good of everyone. Until then stay sane my sister!

God bless and have yourself the most beautiful day. :o)
Melanie Jane said…
Hope thi is clearing up now that I am playing catch up on my reading.if you need anything , information, programs etc. Connect with me on facebook - through Sasha even and we can chat - at worse I send you information, books etc. Melanie

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