Get With the Program!

I am a fossil.

I knew I was a little behind the times when I was the only person in town without satellite TV or a game system, but I just put it down to being frugal and a little on the hippie-dippie side. But after visiting my siblings and seeing how much my kids loved the video games, I decided I was going to finally get with the program and go get them a Wii. So off I trotted to Zellers. When I had trouble locating the Wii console, I asked the lady behind the counter to point me in the right direction. She looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head and said they didn't have any. So I went to Wal Mart. Same thing happened there. And then again at Future Shop. It was at about this point that it occurred to me that everyone in town must be sold out, so I went home to order one online. To no avail. Apparently this Wii shortage has been a very public problem for some time. I had absolutely no idea. I probably should've just stuck with a nice, safe jigsaw puzzle. That's more my speed.

Here are the last of my favourite vacation shots:

All I could think of when I saw this shot later was Marty McFly saying "Better get used to these bars, kid..."

"Hey there, baby. What's your sign?"

I *think* I took this in Georgia somewhere. The Captain thought it looked cool. Seeing the photo now, I'm inclined to agree.

After slamming our worst hotel, I thought it might be fair to tell you about our best one. This was the very next night at a Days Inn in a place called Llano, Texas. They gave us a first-floor room, right on the end and with no one in the adjoining room. The place had a sort of rustic decor, but with two TV's, so the kids could watch Sesame Street in the sitting room area and we could, for once, watch something a little more adult-oriented on the other side. And no, I don't mean porn. We watched CSI:Miami, which is certainly as boring as porn, but David Caruso taking off his sunglasses never fails to make us howl with laughter, so it was all good. We got burgers from the local place across the street (delicious!), and all-in-all had a fabulously relaxing night. The staff were friendly, and the waffles at breakfast were shaped like Texas. I kid you not. So, despite my previous rant, customer service is not entirely dead in the hotel industry. I'd recommend this place to a friend, and I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.

My brother took us to see the Tent Rocks in New Mexico. The kids wouldn't really let us do the full hike, but the scenery was amazing nonetheless.

I promise to get back to visiting you all again in the next day or so. It's taken almost a week to return to normal here, but I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Now, if I could just find that Wii...


Deb Neerman said…
There's a Wii shortage?!? Who knew?!? Well, apparently, you and I didn't know ... and now we both DO. So that's good ... I think.

I nearly fell over laffin' when I read, "... watched CSI:Miami, which is certainly as boring as porn, but David Caruso taking off his sunglasses never fails to make us howl with laughter ..." 'cuz I laff so hard I cry when he does that. It's the stupidest. move. ever. And that stance he takes about 20 times per show. This truly is one of the campiest TV shows of modern times ... but I suspect that you and I are 'bout the only ones who might think that about CSI: Miami. I don't care what anyone sezs: CSI: Miami is still the best comedy hour in prime time ...

Loved the pix; whaddya mean, "the last of your favourite vacation shots?!?" Yippee! Now you'll show us the least favourites! I'm sure to love 'em!
Dimple said…
Think twice, or three times, before investing in a game system. Especially with the younger one, you may find that your children become obsessed with it. It happened to mine, and neither one is free from them today, although they are both adults. My Asperger's child has an especially hard time paying attention to much else.
Yes, they love it. That doesn't make it good.

Thanks for the visit, and the kind compliment on my photo. I'm glad my pictures give you pleasure.
In Real Life said…
Tee Hee - Marty McFly! I remember thinking that that was the coolest movie ever!
Love the photos! The tent rocks look awesome!
We are a video game family, my husband loves playing as much as the kids. I do like the wii for the most part - I like watching my son jumping around while he plays, he can let off some steam when we are stuck inside on long, cold, dark, winter days. However, there are some things I don't like about it - especially with some of the games obsession with winning and losing. It has been good for my daughter too - her hand eye co-ordination has improved significantly since she took an interest in playing (she was very delayed in this area)so, it is a good tool for her that way.
Have a super day!
Tater Tot Mom said…
We don't have a Wii either...I keep thinking maybe I'll get hubby one for Father's Day or something since he's been salivating over it since it came out! :)

Your trip looks awesome!
We don't have a Wii either, but we do have the playstation (the oldest version). I think it all gets old after a while...just like a new car.

I looooved the pictures and actually felt like I went on vacation!
laterg8r said…
i don't have a wii either but i have little girls so i'm hoping they aren't into gaming as much as my nephew :D
Heather said…
We have a Wii and our 4 year throws a fit when it's time to turn it off. Then he loses it for days (you have to unplug it from the back). Also get rechargeable batteries because it sucks down the power. It's been great though and the kids love the sports games and running.

Congrats on your long road trip. I'm envious of your adventure. I've thought about cross country with the kids last summer and this summer, but my husband can't get that much time off and I feel guilty taking the kids somewhere new without him. We have lots of local trips planned for this summer.

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