I'd Like to Thank Everyone I've Ever Met

Just a quick thanks to Theresa at The Fultons for this very nice award!

As you all know, I'm terrible at following instructions, and things are so crazy here right now that the idea of picking 15 of you and then commenting ALL of you makes my head spin! So, I'd like to break the rules a little and pass this award on to all of you out there who are reading and blogging. If you've never won an award before (or even if you've won 100), this one's for you, from me! Post it on your own blog if you like, and feel free to say that I gave it to you! And, of course, don't forget to include a lengthy acceptance speech, thanking your third grade teacher, throwing in a few references to your most extreme political views, and posting a picture of yourself in your most glittery evening attire. Then if you're feeling up to it, you can throw yourself an after-party. If the paparazzi show up, we'll need links to the tabloid pics.

Have a fantastic weekend, my loyal subjects!


Ms. Sarah said…
hope you have a terrific weekend too. we are going to enjoy the sc sunshine :)
Tater Tot Mom said…
Congrats on your award! Well deserved!
congrats on your award - come look at my monster list - it took me 4 hours to complete - it is no easy task the awards and i'm nearly going to call a moratorium on it! but i love recognizing new blogs and getting them some traffic so i trudge on !
Diggestive said…
I really enjoy your blog too and would love to pass on an award to you as well

thx again

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