Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Glimmer of Light in the Dark

I'm not really up to blogging at the moment, so bear with me here. But I thought I should confess that my plan to not buy anything unnecessary has hit a sort of grey area. The Captain has aided and abetted my shopping habit by buying me this:

Now, here's the dilemma. The Captain bought it. I didn't. BUT, we have a joint bank account. And I did not, in any way, need a new purse. So, did I cheat? Or is it all his fault?

Either way, I'm not too bothered if I cheated right now. This bag has been the very best part of what has, without doubt, been the worst week of my life. It is also absolutely the most beautiful, buttery-soft, high-quality purse I have ever owned.

I always wondered if having a really nice purse would turn me off the allure of something cheap-and-cheerful forever.

The verdict's in. Cheapness will never beat out quality again!


MOMSWEB said...

It's beautiful! Quality gets my vote and so does your husband!

Tater Tot Mom said...

Cheap is great but quality lasts. It's gorgeous and that you have a hubby that would buy you a purse is blowing my mind right now! You go girl! (and boy too!)

Cooking Mama said...

You didn't cheat. Captain bought it for you so what could you do?

I hope the rest of your week gets better. ((hugs))

Janine said...

Oh my!! I missed this!! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!! I WANT IT!!
You pay for quality my dear. Nothing wrong with that!!

Dimple said...

You didn't cheat! Since when does receiving a present from your husband count as buying something yourself???!!! That the money is in a joint account is totally irrelevant!!! Give him a big hug and several ecstatic kisses to let him know how happy you are, if you didn't already!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Girl! You didn't cheat at all! He bought it. Out of his money. ;)