For days, I have been crouching in the trees out front like Farley Mowat, waiting patiently to get a really good shot of a fox for my hundredth post. But darn it if they aren't the most difficult things to photograph! Every time I get a good photo op, they either see me and head for the trees, or they hear the dogs barking inside and run for cover. It's becoming an obsession of Clark Griswold-like proportions.
Here's the best shot I've gotten so far. As you may note from the backdrop, it's haying season here in Manitoba, there's a new hydro line going down in the field across the highway from us (note the big dirt piles), and the weeds on the driveway the Captain burned with his handy-dandy new yard gadget are swiftly being overtaken by newer, greener weeds.

When the foxes refused to cooperate this evening, I hung around trying to get a picture of one of the many pretty birds that grace our yard in the summer, but no matter how quiet and still I tried to be, I only succeeded in scaring them away too. I must admit, when my hair hasn't been brushed all day, I am a little scarecrow-like.
So in the end, I decided to take pictures of the only things I haven't managed to frighten off: the flowers. We had a thunderstorm or two today, but tonight the sun came out and everything looked dewy and fresh. I swear I haven't enhanced any of the colour or brightness in these shots. They just came out this way naturally.


Day Lily.

Does anyone have any idea what these are?!

So, there you are. My great plan to get up close and personal with a (probably rabid) wild animal for my hundredth post didn't quite work out. But if I hadn't started blogging in the first place, it never would've occurred to me to try. Thus, blogging has expanded my horizons. Or possibly exposed me to parasites.

Tune in to the next hundred posts to find out which!


Janine said…
Hey there girlfriend - nice try with the fox... Love the flowers though... Mine look nothing like that. A green thumb i do not have!!

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