Two Projects for Teachers

Well, it's that time of year again. Nursery school is just about done for Rosemary's Baby, and Firstborn has a couple of weeks left as a kindergartener. The countdown is on!

I needed to make a quick thank-you for Rosemary's Baby's three wonderful teachers, so I whipped up some tags and attached them to bags of homemade cookies. A very quick and easy project!

Firstborn just has the one teacher day-to-day, though I'll be throwing something together for the school resource teacher and his beloved gym teacher before the end of the month as well. I wanted to make a special card for his teacher because she's made his first year of school an incredibly positive experience for him, and I know all too well what an exhausting job she has. I saw the inspiration for this card in the latest copy of Paper Crafts magazine, and I just happened to have a zillion white flowers punched out (I can't remember why. Motherhood has erased my memory). In future, I'd use a more colourful background, or more colourful flowers, since I think these get a little lost in the monochromatic-ness of the card. But I do love the overall concept. I'm probably going to pick up a gift card to go inside, since I'm quite sure she doesn't need another scented candle.

When it comes to the crafts, I feel a bit like a child with ADD these days. I had a frenzied week or so of wanting to sew, sew and sew some more, and then the feeling completely passed. Now I'm onto cards again. The Captain is home early next week, and then on leave, so I should really get onto planning for his homecoming. Perhaps today I should ignore the urge to create and actually do a little housework?



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