Thursday, October 23, 2008

Movin' Easy

There are advantages to having the Captain gone for weeks or months at a time. Sleep is a big one. No one is there to steal all the blankets, accuse ME of stealing the blankets, snore all night or (my personal favourite) decide at 3AM that he has insomnia, turn the lights on and start reading without clue-ing in that this might bother me. Food is another. I can go on whatever diet I like and not have to deal with his complaints when I refuse to keep potato chips in the house, and I can have cereal for dinner, cake for breakfast and eat at whatever time of day or night I please. But the best thing about the Captain's absence is, by far, the music.
When our family is together, Saturday and Sunday mornings are lazy. We eat a big breakfast and rarely get out of our pajamas before 11AM. The kids eat, watch TV and play while we surf the internet or read magazines over a third or fourth cup of coffee. The atmosphere would be heavenly if it wasn't for the Captain's nasty little habit of blasting loud, rowdy, angry music from the moment he wakes up (usually before 0600--the army has him well conditioned) until I can take it no more and turn it off, under the guise of breakfast being ready.
With the Captain safely across the country, control of the music is all mine. Well, mostly mine. The Captain's birthday gift this year was a Sirius Satellite Radio . We're all finding it awesome, and the kids like the children's music station. So, to keep the peace around here, we can sometimes be found listening to that. But I'm mostly in charge, so we usually listen to whatever I feel like hearing. I have a good dozen or so stations I like, ranging from classic rock, to cheesy hair bands, to country, to 80's new wave, to talk of all kinds, to pop. But this week, I stumbled across a station I'd never listened to before, and I must now claim this station as my secret shame. It's called "Movin' Easy", and it's exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes it cools itself up with more mellow selections by people like Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys, or lends an element of respect to the genre it plays by throwing in some Commodores or James Taylor but in general what I find myself listening to (and secretly loving) is the most embarrassing, corny stuff allowed on the airwaves. Between Peaches and Herb's "Reunited", and "Wedding Bell Blues", by the Fifth Dimension today, I found myself both nostalgic for my (decidedly unromantic) husband, but also glad for his absence because he'd undoubtedly insist on turning the radio right off when Air Supply came on.
Finding this new station, and surprising myself by actually liking it, has made me wonder what on earth happened to my taste in music. While I could never have called myself a serious appreciator of music, there was a time when I, too, would've happily woken up to the soothing sounds of electric guitars and screaming. But over the years, I've gone from (among others) loud rock, to rock, to classic rock, to pop, to country. And apparently, this is the next stop. I guess it really is true that as you get older, your tastes just mellow. This isn't to say that I won't ever listen to my rock stations again. Maybe I'll get up and change the station right now.
Okay, right after Barry Manilow is done singing "Mandy".

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