Let Me Tell You How I Really Feel

Like everyone else trying to avoid the current state of the world, I spend too much time on Pinterest. Whoever came up with this site is a genius. It’s the perfect way for serial procrastinators to believe they’re doing something productive. At this very moment I have 1879 projects pinned and waiting to be completed. In the handful of years since I started pinning, I have completed approximately 6 Pinterest projects. Perfect crime.

On a related topic, if you are a procrastinator or general scatterbrain, I highly recommend this podcast. It will present you with countless handy habit-changing strategies that you can tuck away in your brain to either try or ignore. It’s basically Pinterest for your ears.

Anyway, while pinning projects I know full well I'm never going to get around to, I've come across a few mugs that really speak to where I am in life. Case in point:
If there's one thing that makes up for the wrinkles and chin hair that happen after 40, it's that I'm now also completely disinterested in everyone else's drama.

You've been warned.

And just in case those first two didn't get my point across:

In other bad news, mornings have not gotten better with age either:

There's even a mug out there that illustrates the unspoken terror of attending yoga class:

The struggle is real.


Ha ha, I love all those mugs, especially the Hamlet one! (I stole it). And I must send that last photo to My Rare One for no particular reason . . . .
Love the mugs! A good chuckle to close my day out. I hope you enjoyed your day.

And that, my friends, is why I do not go to yoga.

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