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Merry Christmas!

From our (crazy) house to yours, a very Merry Christmas!

Look What the Cat Dragged In...

The Captain is back! After about 48 hours of travel and delays, he got home and immediately dropped unconscious into bed. And I had to seriously hold myself back from taking a pair of scissors to those horrific handlebars...

More Big News!

After yesterday's whine-fest, I thought I'd follow up today with something a little more positive . For security reasons, I can't give exact details, but take a look at this picture of my front window and see if you can guess what's happening here this week: Yes, it's true! The Captain is coming home--and just in time for Christmas! It's been a looooong six months!

'Tis the Season... have your credit card information stolen! This morning, I got online to do a little banking only to discover that some jackass had stolen the Captain's information and used it to rack up almost $600 on our credit card! And since we are not people who enjoy debt, we are also not people who have more than one credit card. So my poor husband is currently halfway across the world with a cancelled card! Thank goodness he knows how to cheap out everywhere he goes, or this could've been a complete disaster! And just so no one worries that we're having heart attacks over this, it's been dealt with. The lady at the call centre says we'll have our money back in 6 weeks or so. It's annoying, but we're not destitute. So, a friendly reminder to all my blog friends, when shopping online this holiday season, remember to use secure sites and never, ever give out your info to someone who calls you on the phone. Not that we have ever done that, or shopped anywhe

Big News!

Well, it's official. We're being posted! We've lived in Manitoba for almost 8 years now, which is actually several lifetimes when you're a military family. We should've been posted someplace else a good 3 or 4 years ago, but got some special consideration (a rare thing with the Canadian Forces) because RB was in some intensive preschool therapy. But now that the kids are in school, the army's goodwill has run out and they're sending us back to Ontario. The Ottawa Valley, to be specific. The problem with living somewhere for 8 years is that we've put down some serious roots. I have managed to almost blend in to our small town, and I hate to leave the friends I've made. A good chunk of the people I run into in town I can now identify by name. And of course, both the kids are in school and have a great team of people working with them. So for this reason, a big move to another province is a daunting prospect indeed. BUT...I am a firm believer in

Another Birthday!

Yes, it's taken another birthday for me to get around to blogging again. My only excuse is the usual one--life has been busy. With the Captain still overseas, and the fact that I completely lost my marbles after ten years off work and signed up to sub occasionally at the kids' school (which has been a lot of fun, I must admit), my blog--like my house--has found itself completely neglected. But some big changes are on the horizon, and I plan to blog about all of them, so bear with me here. Yesterday was RB's 8 th birthday. It seems like only yesterday I was walking around feeling like I had a bowling ball between my legs for two straight weeks wishing he'd just hurry up and make his appearance! Here he is sometime around his first birthday, still rocking the George McFly hairdo we all thought was so funny. At one point it looked so much like a comb-over that the other mothers at our playgroup started calling him “The Donald”. And here we are 7 ye