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Summer Fun

I'm starting to slide back into my old blogging ways! But rest assured, the only reason you haven't heard from me is because we are having lots of fun this summer! Last week we went to another fair about an hour down the road. We found a great new thrift shop on our way there, and the fair itself was just the right size for my boys. Firstborn walked in insisting that this was the year he was going to ride the Skyscraper and the Zipper, but one bounce on the frog ride for toddlers and he decided the big rides were not yet for him. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I took one ride on the little kids' roller coaster, and felt queasy for the next 30 minutes. I also screamed louder than any of the 3 year-olds on the ride every time we rounded the corner. Even Firstborn was embarrassed! I think it's safe to say that this kind of thing is more our speed: And of course, the most important part of visiting the fair is eating all those overpriced, t

The Fair

Our town fair was actually held on Canada Day, which puts me about 5 days behind in blogging about it. Better late than never? The cake decorating contest theme this year was 100 years of 4-H, and guess who won first prize! Which sounds impressive until you learn that I was actually the only person in town who entered a cake... My "winning" entry. I'm not complaining though. The week before the fair was an ungodly rush. The Captain swanned off to have fun in the Middle East, the kids finished school and there were teacher gifts to make, and to top it all off, it was hotter than a teapot for the whole week before the entries were due in, so baking was a terrible chore. In short, my mojo was nowhere to be found, so I'll take a first prize wherever I can get it! Wishing all my friends and family south of the border a wonderful 4th of July weekend, and a happy belated Canada Day to all my Canadian blog pals. Jump for joy everyone--it's Friday!!