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Obama in Ottawa

Last night, we fought some crazy traffic and squeezed into the tiniest seats I've ever seen for a chance to hear Barack Obama speak. As you can see, we weren't wealthy enough to afford the good seats up front. Luckily, we had an excellent view of the Jumbotron! Let it never be said that Major Dad and I have the skills to take a good selfie... Those seats were seriously so tiny, the only thing that stopped me from getting up taking a walk to ease my back pain was the knowledge that the drop was so steep, jumping up might cause me to topple right off the balcony and be tackled by Obama's Secret Service detail. This is assuming I survived the fall. I truly don't know how Senators fans do it. It was a fun (and incredibly expensive) evening. Obama is a smart and interesting man. He discussed (among other things) how the current state of the world is part of a pattern seen throughout history, and how many young people are doing the important work that needs