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My New Identity

Is this seriously my first post of 2013? Yeesh! My blog is starting to look like that one yard on the street that never gets mowed, has garbage all over it, and features a large man in a stained undershirt rocking away on the porch with a bottle of bourbon in one hand, and a sawed-off shotgun in the other. Perhaps it would help to explain that I've been working feverishly on my New Year's Resolution of carving out some sort of identity for myself. And guess what! After much soul-searching--and only 6 weeks into the new year--I've done it! Drumroll please... As it turns out, I am a Dummy ! It started a few years ago when I bought Guitar For Dummies and actually managed to teach myself to play a few basic tunes for my kids. Whether or not I continued to practice and improve my skills is something we'll discuss some other day. Then last month, with a Chapters gift card I received for Christmas, I bought a copy of Feng Shui For Dummies . What an eye-opener! It turn